Canadian Tour of New Zealand 1927

The sources for this file are J. Houston's "Association Football in New Zealand", as well as the daily Christchurch newspaper, "The Press". As a result, the best coverage was given to the matches played in, or near, Christchurch. It is likely that other papers contain more in depth reports of matches played in their respective regions.

Not all the surnames were spelled in a constant manner in the newspaper reports. I decided to stick to the spellings as given by "Association Football in New Zealand" while putting together this file. The list of the canadian personnel involved in this tour can be found at the bottom of this document.

Canada's results:

W 10-1 Taranaki        
W  7-0 Wanganui        
W  6-0 Manawatu        
W  2-0 Wellington      
W 11-0 Marlborough    
W  5-0 Nelson          
W  2-0 Buller           
L  0-1 Westland         
W  6-0 Canterbury       
W  6-2 Otago          
D  2-2 New Zealand    
W  5-0 Southland      
W  2-1 New Zealand    
W  7-1 Ashburton      
W  6-0 Sth Canterbury 
L  0-1 New Zealand    
W  6-0 Wairarapa      
W  5-2 Hawke's Bay    
W  6-0 Poverty Bay    
W  8-1 South Auckland 
W  4-1 New Zealand    
W  4-1 North Auckland 
W  6-2 Auckland       

Played:23 W:20 D:1 L:2 

Known details:

May 25, New Plymouth, 4000
Taranaki       1-10 Canada
 (Bremner - Archibald 4, Turner 3, Francis 2, Davidson)
Taranaki: n/a
   Tait (c), Crawley, Edmunds, Monaghan, Brolly, Poynter,
   Davidson, Turner, Gibson, Archibald, Francis.
Notes: Conditions were reported to be "fine". Edmunds was
injured and had to leave the field. Half-time score reported 
as 0-9.

May 28, Wanganui, 3000
Wanganui       0-7  Canada
 (Archibald 4, Turner, Monaghan, Francis)
   Killeen, Thompson, McKechnie, MacKley, [7 missing].
   Williams, Crawley, Milligan, Langslow, Monaghan, Brolly, 
   Turner, Archibald, Francis [2 missing].
Notes: Langslow not listed by Houston. Half-time score reported
as 0-2.

Jun 1, Palmerston North
Manawatu       0-6  Canada
Notes: Line-ups unavailable. Conditions described as good. No wind
but it was cloudy at times.

Jun 2, Wellington, Athletic Park, 12000
Wellington     0-2  Canada
 (Francis 25', Archibald ~35')
   Bentley, Gibb, McGirr, McKee, Haines, Burke, Barton, 
   Lothian, Rigby, Marchment, Cudby.
   Tait, Crawley, Edmunds, Monaghan, Brolly, Poynter, Davidson, 
   Turner, Gibson, Archibald, Francis. 
Notes: Gibson was injured in the 25' and was described as a passenger
from that point on. Bentley saved a penalty just before half-time.

Jun 7, Blenheim
Marlborough    0-11 Canada
 (Turner 3, Pogson 2, Thompson 2, Archibald 2, Williams, Milligan)
Notes: Bierne was Marlborough's goalkeeper. The match was refereed 
by F Saunders from Wellington. Showers and greasy ground conditions 
were reported. Houston omitted this match from its list.     

Jun 9, Nelson
Nelson         0-5  Canada
 (Davidson, Thompson, Milligan, Turner, Williams)
Note: Conditions reported as fine.

Jun 11, Westport
Buller         0-2  Canada
 (Gibson 10', 43')
   Archibald (gk), Newman, Chapman, [8 missing].
   Tait (gk), Gibson, [9 missing]. 
Note: The field was in a bad conditions with low temperatures and 
showers reported. 

Jun 15
Westland       1-0  Canada
 (Hewison & McNeil 40')
   Timlin (gk), Rarity, McNeill, Clarck, Wick, Hewison, Steer,
   McFarlane, [3 missing].
   Francis, Turner, Gibson, Moon, Edmunds, Poynter, Brolly,
   Thompson, [3 missing].
Notes: Hewison and McNeil were both credited with the goal. Conditions
were described as good.  

Jun 19, Christchurch, English Park, 3000
Canterbury     0-6  Canada
 (Davidson [0-1] 2', Archibald [0-2], Williams [0-3], [0-4], Poynter [0-5], Gibson [0-6])
   J McDougall, F Graham, F Muscroft, S Muirson, G Roberts, J Dryden,
   Harbutt, F Isles, J Phelps, T Nelson, G Duncan.
   Tait, Crawley, Edmonds, Monaghan, Brolly, Poynter, Gibson, Williams, 
   Archibald, Mulligan, Davidson.
Notes: J Stout refereed the match with D Thompson and Campbell 
acting as linesmen. The skies had cleared but the ground was still soggy 
and the ball was described as slippery. Half-time score was 0-3.
At 0-2 Brolly missed a penalty kick which was awarded for a handball.
At 0-5 Archibald had a goal disallowed (offside). Canada played in blue 
and white while Canterbury played in red and black.  

Jun 22, Dunedin, Carisbrook, 3000
Otago          2-6  Canada
 (McCormack 25' [1-2], Hooper [2-2] - Francis [0-1], Archibald [0-2], [2-3] 43', 
  Pogson [2-4] 45', Thompson [2-5], Monaghan [2-6] 70')    
   Callaghan (gk), Balk, Hooper, Anderson, McHugh, Duncan, McCormack, Munsie,
   [3 missing].
   Tait (gk), Gibson, Monaghan, Francis, Thompson, Edmunds, Pogson, Archibald,
   Crawley [2 missing].
Notes: The match was refereed by A Preston. Conditions were described as "fine" - no 
wind and no sun. Canada finished with 9 men as Thompson was injured towards the 
end of the match and Edmunds was sent-off soon after for "bad" language. Half-time
score was 2-4.           

Jun 26, Dunedin, Carisbrook, 10000
New Zealand    2-2  Canada
 (Hislop ~40', Innes ~65' - Anderson 47'og, Williams [2-2])
New Zealand: 
   J McDougall, G Anderson, L McGirr, J Tinkler, C Steele, D Jones (c),
   R C Innes, E Newman, H Spencer, R Hislop, H Balk.
   Tait, Moon, Edmunds, Monaghan (c), Poynter, Brolly, Williams, Davidson,
   Gibson, Archibald, Milligan.
Notes: W P Smith refereed the match. Reports state that there was "no glaring
sun, nor breeze" but also that "the pitch was too soft".   

Jun 29, Invercargill, Rugby Park, 3000
Southland      0-5  Canada
 (Brolly 4, Davidson)
   Maywell, Campbell, McMurdo [8 missing].
   Tait (gk), Edmunds, Brolly, Gibson, Davidson [6 missing].
Notes: G E Polock refereed the match. There was sunshine and the ground was in 
perfect condition. The half-time score was 0-4 and Brolly added the 5th goal in the

On the same day New Zealand was preparing for the second of the four "tests" against 
Canada by playing South Canterbury. Very little is known about this match. In fact, the 
local paper gave more information about Canada's match against Southland.  
Jun 29, Timaru, ANZAC Square
Sth Canterbury 2-6  New Zealand
Note: The ground was very slippery and the "All Blacks" had the better of the game

Jul 2, Christchurch, Lancester Park, 7000 
New Zealand    1-2  Canada
 (Spencer [1-1] - Archibald 6', Turner ~85')
New Zealand: 
   J McDougall, G Anderson, L McGirr, J Tinkler, C Steele, D Jones (c),
   R C Innes, E Newman, H Spencer, R Hislop, H Balk.
   Tait, Crawley, Edmunds, Monaghan, Brolly, Moon, Gibson (c), Davidson, 
   Archibald, Turner, Milligan.
Notes: M J Stout refereed the match. The lines-men were H Pogson (Canada)
and W Smyth. After 30 hours of drizzle it cleared before the start of the match
but the ground was waterlogged. Canada played in blue and white. Spencer's goal 
was scored in the second half.    

Jul 4, Ashburton, The Domain, 1500
Ashburton      1-7  Canada
 (Gibb [1-2] - Turner? [0-1], [1-6], Archibald [0-2], [1-7], 
  Brolly pen [1-3], Pogson [1-4], [1-5])
   Barrett, Thompson, N Wilson, Robert Wilson, Hadley, Calver, Gowan, 
   Rendal Wilson, Gibb (c), Taylor, Pearce.
   Tate (c), Crawley, Edmunds, Moon, Brolly, Williams, Gibson, Turner,
   Archibald, Pogson, Francis.
Notes: S Ross refereed the match and the conditions were described as 
"fine". The half-time score was 1-3.

Jul 6, Timaru, Fraser Park
Sth Canterbury 0-6  Canada
(Turner [0-1], [0-4], Pogson [0-2], Gibson [0-3], [0-6], ? [0-5])
South Canterbury: 
   J R Bellenger, M J Bishop, A Boyd, C Durning, A McLellan, 
   McAuliffe, C Logie, A Allingham, R J McCullough, G E Davis, J McPhall.
   Tait, Crawley, Edmunds, Moon, Brolly, Williams, Turner, Pogson, 
   Francis, Gibson, Milligan.
Notes: Rev C W Dancumb refereed the match. The ground was reported to be
"fair" and the weather to be "ideal". The half-time score was 0-2. Canada played
in royal blue while South Canterbury played in green and black. 

Jul 10, Wellington, Basin Reserve, 12000
New Zealand    1-0  Canada
 (McCormack 44')
New Zealand: 
   McDougall, G Anderson, McGirr, W Cooper, J Campbell, Burke, Nicolle, 
   G Newman, Hooper, McCormack, Ballard (c).
   Tait, Crawley (c), Edmunds, Moon, Brolly, Monaghan, Gibson, Davidson, Archibald,
   Turner, Milligan.
Notes: A E Caisley refereed the match. The conditions were reported to be "ideal" 
with no wind or sun. B L Salmon was the sole NZ selector for this match. 

Jul 11, Masterton   
Wairarapa      0-6  Canada
 (Crawley 3, Pogson 2, Francis)
Notes: The half-time score was 0-3. Crawley, Pogson and Francis scored one each in the
second half. It rained and the "sloppy" ground turned into a quagmire as the match progressed.

Jul 13, Hastings, 3000
Hawke's Bay    2-5  Canada
 (Shepperd ~35', Sholten ~40'- Pogson 4', Monaghan ~25' pen, Archibald 27'?, Turner ~80', ~85') 
Hawke's Bay: 
   Holmes, Henderson, Shepperd, Scholten, [7 missing].
   Tait (gk), Francis, Pogson, Monaghan, Archibald, Turner [5 missing].
Notes: The ground was described as "good". The gate up to this point was £4679, which was about
L 500 below the estimate. It was calculated that £2321 would have to come from other matches
to show a profit.

Jul 17, Gisborne, 4500
Poverty Bay    0-6  Canada
 (Davidson 2, Gibson, Monaghan 2, Brolly)
Poverty Bay: 
   Roots, Howarth, Hill, [8 missing].
   Davidson, Gibson, Monaghan, Brolly [7 missing].
Notes: The half-time score was 0-5. Monaghan scored the only goal of the second half. 

Jul 20, Hamilton, 5000
South Auckland 1-8  Canada
 (Moon [1-2] - Robertson og [0-1], Davidson [0-2], [1-3], Turner [1-4], Brolly [1-5],
  Archibald [1-6], Crawley [1-7], Williams [1-8])
Sth Auckland: 
   Moon, Robertson, [9 missing].
   All but one (Williams) that played in the Jul 10 match v New Zealand.   
Notes: The weather was reported as "fine" but the ground was said to be "greasy".
The half-time score was 1-4. The last three goals were scored towards the end of the

Jul 23, Auckland, Carlaw Park, 23000
New Zealand    1-4  Canada
 (Hooper [1-2] - Davidson [0-1], Archibald [0-2], [1-3], Gibson [1-4])
New Zealand: 
   McDougall, G Anderson, McGirr, W Cooper, J Campbell, D Jones, Innes, G Newman, 
   Hooper, McCormack, Ballard (c).
   Tait, Edmunds, Crawley, Williams, Brolly, Monaghan, Gibson, Davidson, Archibald,
   Turner, Milligan.
Notes: P Neesham was appointed NZ manager and trainer for this match. The ground was reported
to be soft and there was drizzling rain towards the end of the match.

Jul 26, 1400
North Auckland 1-4  Canada
 (J Ackers - Archibald 3, Gibson)
Notes: R Neebitt refereed this match. Conditions were described as wretched with falling rain making
the ground difficult to play on. The Half-time score was 1-0.

Jul 31, Auckland, Blandford Park, 7000
Auckland       2-6  Canada
 (Innes, Dunsmore - Archibald 3, Turner, Poynter, Monaghan pen)
   Batty, Garrard, Reid, Carter, Christie, Dickson, Innes, Dunsmore, Spencer, Miles,
   Tait (gk), Archibald, Turner, Poynter, Monaghan, [6 missing].
Notes: It was reported that the ground was in very poor condition and that there were heavy 
showers during the game. The half-time score was 0-4. Poynter and Monaghan scored for 
Canada in the second-half.   

Canadian Personnel:

J Adam (manager), H Noseworthy, M Moon, S Tait,
E Edmunds, J Monaghan, D Archibald, R L Williams, D Thompson, W Brolly,
H J Poynter (Paynter), W Gibson, F Crawley, W Milligan, D Turner, H Pogson, 
J Davidson, P Francis, D Graham.

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