Canada Cup (Women) 1990

In Winnipeg, Canada

23- 7 Norway	  2-0 Canada  [HT: 1-0]
        [Heidi Støre 31, Birthe Hegstad 57]
        [Att: 350]
        [Norway: Seth; Strædet, Svensson, Stenberg, Nyborg, Carlsen,
         Haugen, Støre, Zaborowski (Storhaug), Medalen, Hegstad (Riise)
         Canada: Shin; O'Brien (Ring), Wood, Ross, Brand, Hafting,
         C.Cant, Donnelly, McEachern, Gareau, Hooper (Serwetnyk)]

25- 7 USA	  4-0 Norway  [HT: 2-0]
        [Carin Jennings, Michelle Akers-Stahl, April Heinrichs, Mia Hamm]
        [Att: 300]
        [USA: Allman; Henry (McCarthy), Hamilton, Belkin, Beifeld,
         Lilly, Higgins, Foudy, Jennings, Akers-Stahl, Heinrichs (Hamm)
         Norway: Seth; Strædet, Svensson (Riise), Stenberg, Nyborg,
         Carlsen, Haugen, Støre, Zaborowski, Medalen, Hegstad]

27- 7 USA         4-1 Canada [HT: 2-0]
        [Kristine Lilly, Carin Jennings, Mia Hamm, Wendy Gebauer;
         Carrie Serwetnyk]
        [Att: 800]
        [USA: Gegg; McCarthy, Henry, Hellmuth, Bates, Higgins
         (Akers-Stahl), Foudy, Lilly (Jennings), Hamm, Gebauer, Cole
         Canada: Shin; Ring (Hafting), Wood, Ross, Brand, Donnelly,
         C.Cant, McEachern (Milani), Serwetnyk, Gareau, Hooper]

 1.USA        2  2 0 0  8- 1  4
 2.Norway     2  1 0 1  2- 4  2
 3.Canada     2  0 0 2  1- 6  0

29- 7 USA	  4-2 Norway  [HT: 1-1]
        [Carin Jennings, Michelle Akers-Stahl, April Heinrichs (x2);
         Tone Haugen 8, Hege Riise 44]
        [Att: 300]
        [USA: Allman; McCarthy, Belkin, Hamilton, Beifeld, Higgins,
         Foudy, Lilly, Jennings, Akers-Stahl, Heinrichs
         Norway: Strømsvold; Strædet (Zaborowski), Svensson (Humlestøl),
         Stenberg, Nyborg, Carlsen, Haugen, Støre, Riise, Medalen, Hegstad]

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