Caribbean Professional Football League 1992-1995

After discussions dating back to August 1977, the CPFL (Caribbean Professional Football League) was established in 1992 to introduce professional football in the Caribbean by setting up a multi-national league. The teams entering were franchises set up by local businessmen, but the league suffered from financial and organisatorial problems.
In October 1994 the league was renamed CMLF (Caribbean Major League Football) but the 1995 league was cancelled after a number of postponements and the tournament was not revived.


Caribbean Professional Football League
1992 Trinidad and Tobago Hawks 
1993 Malta Carib Alcons 
1994 Trinity Professionals 
Caribbean Major League Football
1995   not held

Additional Data 1992

Participants included:
  All Stars (Saint Lucia)
  Hairoun Lions (Saint Vincent)
  Kingston Lions (Jamaica)
  St. Clair Coaching School (Tobago)
  Trinidad & Tobago Hawks (Trinidad)
  Wavers (Jamaica) [later renamed Reno International]
NB: no other Jamaican club entered

Known Results and Fixtures
[May ?]
Trinidad and Tobago Hawks 4-0 St. Clair Coaching School    
[Jun ?]
St. Clair Coaching School 3-2 Kingston Lions
[Jun 6]
Trinidad and Tobago Hawks 3-0 Wavers
  [the above match was Hawks' third; they had also won a match 4-1]
[Jun 9]
Kingston Lions             -  Trinidad and Tobago Hawks
[Aug ?]
All Stars                 bt  Hairoun Lions

Top Final Ranking:

 1.Trinidad and Tobago Hawks 
 2.Kingston Lions

Additional Data 1993

Participants included:
  Kingston Lions (Jamaica)
  Malta Carib Alcons (Trinidad)
  Panthers (Saint Lucia)
  R.E. Walker Nationals (Grenada)
  St. Clair Coaching School (Tobago)
  Trinidad and Tobago Hawks (Trinidad)
NB: no other clubs from Jamaica or Trinidad and Tobago entered

NB: in total 10 clubs were announed to enter

NB: Trinidad and Tobago Hawks withdrew after their away match at Kingston Lions
    had been abandoned

[Jul 1]
Panthers                  w/o Kingston Lions           

NB: Kingston Lions withdrew before the semifinal stage in Grenada as
    15 of its players had commitments with the Jamaica national team

Top Final Ranking:

 1.Malta Carib Alcons 
 3.R.E. Walker Nationals
 4.St. Clair Coaching School 

NB: Malta Carib Alcons won the title early July 1993.

Additional Data 1994

Participants (8):
  Caledonia AIA (Trinidad)
  Cornwall County Lions (Jamaica)
  Georgetown Cobras (Guyana)
  Hairoun Lions (Saint Vincent)
  Lambada (Barbados)
  Harbour View (Jamaica)
  Tobago Young Pros (Tobago) [aka Scarborough Young Pros]
  Trinity Professionals (Trinidad) 

Known Results and Fixtures
[Apr 24, opening match, Shaw Park, Tobago]
Tobago Young Pros         0-2 Trinity Professionals     
  [Angus Eve 11, Alvin Thomas  47]
[May ?]
Hairoun Lions             3-0 Georgetown Cobras
Trinity Professionals    12-0 Georgetown Cobras
[May 22 (official opening Harbour View FC Stadium, Kingston)]
Harbour View              2-2 Cornwall County Lions
[May 24]
Georgetown Cobras          -  Tobago Young Pros         [Tobago dns]
[May 29]
Georgetown Cobras          -  Hairoun Lions             [Hairoun dns]

Reported Tables (May 24):

Group A
 1.Trinity Professionals        3   3  0  0  17- 1   9
 2.Hairoun Lions                3   2  1  0   9- 5   7
 3.Tobago Young Pros            record not reported
 4.Georgetown Cobras            4   0  0  4   2-20   0        
Group B                        
 1.Cornwall County Lions        6   4  1  1   8- 4  13
 2.Lambada                      5   2  2  1   6- 5   8
 3.Caledonia AIA                5   2  1  2   6- 5   7
 4.Harbour View                 6   0  2  4   7-13   2    
Final [Jun ?]
Trinity Professionals     bt  Cornwall County Lions   

NB: Trinity Professionals won the title early June 1994.

Additional Data 1995

Participants (as announced on May 17, 1995):

Group 1
  Hairoun Lions (Saint Vincent)
  Lambada (Barbados)
  Scarborough Young Pros (Tobago)
  Spice Nationals (Grenada)

Group 2
  Caledonia AIA (Trinidad)
  Georgetown Cobras (Guyana)
  Riverplate (Aruba)
  Trinity Professionals (Trinidad)

Group 3
  Boyo Stars (Haiti)
  Cornwall County Lions (Jamaica)
  Harbour View (Jamaica)
  Wadadli Deers (Antigua)

The league was announced to start on August 13 with a match between
Georgetown Cobras and Harbour View but that did not take place and
the tournament was cancelled.

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