Caribbean Club Championships

Caribbean clubs have had a separate section to qualify for the later stages for the CONCACAF Champions Cup for a long time; it is not clear since when this section has been dubbed "Caribbean Club Championship", but at least in 1998 (qualifying for the 1999 CONCACAF tournament) and 2000 (qualifying for the 2000 CONCACAF tournament) and since 2007.

A precursor tournament was played in 1982, but only results of a preliminary group are known.

Caribbean Club Championship

Year    Winners           Runners-Up      
1998    Joe Public        Caledonia AIA
2000    Joe Public        W Connection
2001      final between Defence Force and W Connection not played
2002      no final between group winners Arnett Gardens and W Connection played
2003    San Juan Jabloteh W Connection
2004    Harbour View      Tivoli Gardens
2005    Portmore United   Robinhood
2006/07 W Connection      San Juan Jabloteh 
2007    Harbour View      Joe Public
2008      not held
2009    W Connection      P.R. Islanders
2010    P.R. Islanders    Joe Public
2011    P.R. Islanders    Tempęte FC
2012    Caledonia AIA     W Connection  
2013      no final between group winners Valencia and W Connection played
2014      no final between group winners Bayamón FC, Alpha United and Waterhouse played
2015    Central FC        W Connection
2016    Central FC        W Connection
2017    Cibao FC          San Juan Jabloteh 
2018    Atl. Pantoja      Arnett Gardens
2019    Portmore United   Waterhouse
2020      tournament abandoned
2021    AS Cavaly         Inter Moengotapoe
2022    Violette AC       Cibao FC

Caribbean Club Shield

Year    Winners           Runners-Up      
2018    Club Franciscain  Inter Moengotapoe
2019    Robinhood         Club Franciscain
2020      tournament cancelled
2021      tournament cancelled
2022    Bayamón FC        Inter Moengotapoe

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