Catania Calcio 1946

Catania Calcio 1946
City: Catania (Sicily-Italy)
Colours: red-light blue/blue/black with red-blue edges
Stadium: Angelo Massimino (called Cibali untill 2002), 21000 seats.

Current position: Italian Championship Serie B 2004-2005.

1908    Birth of Associazione Sportiva pro Educazione Fisica Pro Patria,
        founded by Tano Ventimiglia and Francesco Sturzo d'Aldobrando.

1909    A group of players of Messina Football Club, who left Messina
        after the earthquake, started to play for Pro Patria. The first
        match was played against Regina Margherita Ship: 1-1.

1910    Pro Patria became Unione Sportiva Catanese. Local friendlies.

1915-19 War stop.

1920-21 Semifinal of Sicilian Federal Cup.

1927-28 Plays in Campionato Catanese devided in some teams (Allaccia,
        Elefant, Savoia...)

1928-29 Win Campionato Catanese. Merged with Juventus Sport Club (birth
        in 1919) in Catania SocietÓ Sportiva. Admitted to II Divisione.

1929-30 II Divisione Group A South 9th with 10 pts. Admitted to I
        Divisione as Catania Associazione Calcio Fascista.

1930-31 I Divisione Group E 7th with 21 pts.

1931-32 I Divisione Group F 6th with 34 pts.

1932-33 I Divisione Group I 4th with 22 pts.

1933-34 I Divisione Group H 1st with 41 pts. Promoted to Serie B.

1934-35 Serie B Group A 4th with 37 pts.

1935-36 Serie B 8th with 33 pts.

1936-37 Serie B 13th with 28 pts. Relegated after play-outs against
        Messina (0-2) and Venezia (0-4).

1937-38 Serie C Group H 4th.

1938-39 Serie C Group H 1st with 36 pts. Promoted to Serie B.

1939-40 Serie B 18th with 19 pts.

1940-41 Serie C Group H 6th with 25 pts.

1941-42 Serie C Group H 6th with 29 pts.

1942-43 Serie C Group N 1st with 31 pts. The team plays only the first
        match of play-offs because of the American occupation of Sicily.

1944-45 Catania ACF failed. The team is founded again as Catanese Unione
        Sportiva. Sicilian Championship: 2nd in Eliminatory Group C,
        3rd in Quarter finals Group B.

1945-46 Serie C Group F South 11th with 6 pts. Merged with Virtus
        Catania in Club Calcio Catania.

1946-47 Serie C Group C South 6th with 20 pts.

1947-48 Serie C Group T 1st with 47 pts. Promoted to Serie B and then
        admitted to new Serie C for championship reorganization.

1948-49 Serie C Group D 1st with 45 pts. Promoted to Serie B after
        play-off with Avellino (2-0).

1949-50 Serie B 12th with 40 pts.

1950-51 Serie B 6th with 42 pts as Catania SocietÓ Sportiva.

1951-52 Serie B 4th with 44 pts as Catania Club Calcio.

1952-53 Serie B 3rd with 41 pts. Lose a play-off against Legnano (1-4).

1953-54 Serie B 1st with 43 pts. Promoted to Serie A.

1954-55 Serie A 12th with 30 pts. Relegated for a corruption case.

1955-56 Serie B 5th with 40 pts.

1956-57 Serie B 4th with 42 pts.

1957-58 Serie B 11th with 30 pts.

1958-59 Serie B 16th with 33 pts.

1959-60 Serie B 3rd with 47 pts. Promoted to Serie A.

1960-61 Serie A 8th with 36 pts.

1961-62 Serie A 10th with 30 pts.

1962-63 Serie A 11th with 30 pts.

1963-64 Serie A 8th with 30 pts. Lose the final of Alps Cup.

1964-65 Serie A 8th with 32 pts.

1965-66 Serie A 17th with 22 pts. Relegated to Serie B.

1966-67 Serie B 3rd with 42 pts.

1967-68 Serie B 10th with 40 pts.

1968-69 Serie B 11th with 35 pts.

1969-70 Serie B 2nd with 48 pts as Catania Associazione Calcio.
        Promoted to Serie A.

1970-71 Serie A 16th with 21 pts. Relegated to Serie B.

1971-72 Serie B 8th with 41 pts.

1972-73 Serie B 5th with 43 pts.

1973-74 Serie B 20th with 26 pts. Relegated to Serie C.

1974-75 Serie C Group C 1st with 57 pts as Catania Calcio 1946.
        Promoted to Serie B.

1975-76 Serie B 16th with 35 pts.

1976-77 Serie B 18th with 31 pts. Relegated to Serie C.

1977-78 Serie C Group C 2nd with 52 pts. Lose the play-off against
        Nocerina (1-2). Admitted to Serie C1.

1978-79 Serie C1 Group B 3rd with 42 pts.

1979-80 Serie C1 Group B 1st with 44 pts. Promoted to Serie B.

1980-81 Serie B 12th with 35 pts.

1981-82 Serie B 8th with 38 pts.

1982-83 Serie B 3rd with 45 pts. Promoted to Serie A after play-offs
        against Como (1-0) and Cremonese (0-0).

1983-84 Serie A 16th with 12 pts. Relegated to Serie B.

1984-85 Serie B 14th with 35 pts.

1985-86 Serie B 11th with 36 pts.

1986-87 Serie B 18th with 32 pts. Relegated to Serie C1.

1987-88 Serie C1 Group B 15th with 30 pts. Wins the play-out against
        Nocerina (2-0).

1988-89 Serie C1 Group B 9th with 34 pts.

1989-90 Serie C1 Group B 6th with 39 pts.

1990-91 Serie C1 Group B 10th with 33 pts.

1991-92 Serie C1 Group B 5th with 34 pts.

1992-93 Serie C1 Group B 8th with 34 pts. Relegated to Eccellenza
        for financial problems.

1993-94 Sicilian Eccellenza Group B 3rd with 45 pts. Admitted to
        Campionato Nazionale Dilettanti.

1994-95 C.N.D. Group I 1st with 52 pts. Promoted to Serie C2.

1995-96 Serie C2 Group C 8th with 48 pts.

1996-97 Serie C2 Group C 4th with 54 pts. Lose the play-off against
        Turris (0-0; 0-1).

1997-98 Serie C2 Group C 10th with 43 pts.

1998-99 Serie C2 Group C 1st with 59 pts. Promoted to Serie C1.

1999-00 Serie C1 Group B 7th with 49 pts.

2000-01 Serie C1 Group B 3rd with 58 pts. Lose the play-off against
        Avellino (0-1; 2-0) and Messina (1-1; 0-1).

2001-02 Serie C1 Group B 3rd with 58 pts. Win the play-off against
        Pescara (0-1; 1-0) and Taranto (1-0; 0-0). Promoted to Serie B.

2002-03 Serie B 17th with 43 pts. Relegated to Serie C1 and later
        readmitted to Serie B.

2003-04 Serie B 9th with 67 pts.

2004-05 Serie B 11th with 55 pts.

2005-06 Serie B.

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