Spain - List of Champions of Catalonia

In Spain, before the Spanish League began in 1929, the clubs of each region created their own regional Football Associations and began to play regional competitions. Before 1929 the champions (sometimes the runners-up as well) of every regional championship played off for the Spanish Cup.

The first regional championship that was created in Spain (therefore, the first league championship ever played in Spain) was the "Campionat de Catalunya" (Catalonia Championship).

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	1901:    Hispania FC         championship known as "Macaya Cup"
	1902:    FC Barcelona        championship known as "Macaya Cup"
	1903:    C Español F         championship known as "Macaya Cup"
	1903:    FC Barcelona        championship known as "Barcelona Cup"
	1903-04: C Español F
	1904-05: FC Barcelona
	1905-06: X Sporting Club
	1906-07: X Sporting Club
	1907-08: X Sporting Club
	1908-09: FC Barcelona
	1909-10: FC Barcelona
	1910-11: FC Barcelona
	1911-12: RCD Español
	1912-13: FC Espanya
        1912-13: FC Barcelona *
	1913-14: FC Espanya
	1914-15: RCD Español
	1915-16: FC Barcelona
	1916-17: FC Espanya
	1917-18: RCD Español
	1918-19: FC Barcelona
	1919-20: FC Barcelona
	1920-21: FC Barcelona
	1921-22: FC Barcelona
	1922-23: CE Europa
	1923-24: FC Barcelona
	1924-25: FC Barcelona
	1925-26: FC Barcelona
	1926-27: FC Barcelona
	1927-28: FC Barcelona
	1928-29: RCD Español
	1929-30: FC Barcelona
	1930-31: FC Barcelona
	1931-32: FC Barcelona
	1932-33: CD Español
	1933-34: CE Sabadell FC
	1934-35: FC Barcelona
	1935-36: FC Barcelona
	1936-37: CD Español
	1937-38: FC Barcelona
	1938-39: no championship due to Civil War
	1939-40: RCD Español

	Between 1901 and 1903 the championship was known as Macaya Cup due
to it was organized by a man called Alfons Macaya. In 1903, two championships
were played. The second, known as Barcelona Cup, was organized by the club
FC Barcelona. The next championships were organized by the Catalan Football
Association (Associacio Catalana de Clubs de Futbol)

	* In 1913 two championships were played due to division between clubs.

	In 1940, finished the Spanish Civil War, the Spanish government
abolished all the regional championships.

	Where do the clubs play now:
	FC Barcelona (Barcelona).... First Division (First level)
	RCD Espanyol (Barcelona).... First Division (First level)
          [this club was known as C Español F and (R)CD Español
           during the period of the Catalan championships]
	CE Sabadell FC (Sabadell)... Second Division B (Third level)
	CE Europa (Barcelona)....... Third Division (Fourth level)
	Hispania FC (Barcelona)..... Disappeared in 1903.
	X Sporting Club (Barcelona). Disappeared. Many players joined to RCD 
                                     Espanyol in 1909.
	FC Espanya (Barcelona)...... Disappeared. Changed its name to Gracia FC
                                     in 1923, and merged with CE Europa in 1931
                                     to form Catalunya FC. A few years later, 
                                     Catalunya FC was renamed CE Europa again.

War Championships

1936-37: Mediterranean League (Lliga Mediterrania):

        Was played between the most important teams from Catalonia and Valencian Country.

	1.- FC Barcelona..............20 points
	2.- RCD Espanyol (Barcelona)..19 points
	3.- FC Girona.................17 points
	    Valencia CF...............17 points
	5.- Levante (Valencia)........16 points
	6.- Gimnastic (Valencia)......10 points
	7.- Granollers................ 8 points
	8.- Castello.................. 5 points

         Copa España Libre. Trofeo Presidente de la República.
Final: Levante FC ( Valencia ) - Valencia FC    1-0

1937-38: Catalan League (Lliga Catalana):

	This year, the teams from Valencian Country couldn't join to the competition
because of war problems. Then the Mediterranean League couldn't take place. Instead 
of that was played the Catalan League with teams from Catalonia only. The competition 
was unfinished due to war problems.

                Team                  Games played  Wins  Drews  Losses  Points
        1.- FC Barcelona...................17        14     1       2      29
        2.- UE Sants (Barcelona)...........16        10     3       3      23
        3.- L'Avenç de l'Sport (Barcelona).15         8     2       5      18  [Arenas?]
        4.- CE Espanyol (Barcelona)........16         6     6       4      18
        5.- CE Europa (Barcelona)..........16         7     3       6      17     
        6.- FC Martinenc (Barcelona) ......16         7     2       7      16
        7.- FC Badalona....................16         4     2      10      10
        8.- CE Jupiter (Barcelona).........17         4     2      11      10
        9.- SC Iluro (Mataro)..............16         2     3      11       7
       10.- CE Manresa..................... 2         0     0       2       0

	NOTE: These are the Championships played in Catalonia instead of Spanish League
during the Spanish Civil War period (1936-39). I don't know if any other Championships
were played in another zone of Spain.

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