CCCF and Concacaf Championships

Precursors of the current Gold Cup tournament; first ten editions under auspices of the C.C.C.F., since 1963 under Concacaf. The last proper tournament was held in 1971; afterwards, the winners of the Concacaf World Cup Qualifying section were considered champions. This mainly came about because of lack of interest from Mexico. The tournament has now been revitalised as Gold Cup.

C.C.C.F. stands for Confederación Centroamericana y del Caribe de Fútbol. It was founded in 1938 and the precursor of the CONCACAF, that was formed when CCCF merged with the NAFC (North American Football Confederation) in 1961.

The North American Football Confederation also organized championships in 1947 and 1949, which were revived in 1990 and 1991 before the introduction of the Gold Cup.


C.C.C.F. Championship

1941 Costa Rica
1943   apparently not awarded
1946 Costa Rica
1948 Costa Rica
1951 Panama
1953 Costa Rica
1955 Costa Rica
1957 Haiti
1960 Costa Rica
1961 Costa Rica

N.A.F.C. Championship

1947 Mexico
1949 Mexico
1990 Canada
1991 Mexico
1992   cancelled

NB: the 1992 edition was cancelled because Mexico and USA decided to enter
    the Amistad Cup instead

Concacaf Championship

1963 Costa Rica
1965 Mexico
1967 Guatemala
1969 Costa Rica
1971 Mexico

World Cup qualifying Concacaf zone

1973 Haiti
1977 Mexico
1981 Honduras
1985 Canada
1989 Costa Rica

Gold Cup

1991 United States
1993 Mexico
1996 Mexico
1998 Mexico
2000 Canada 
2002 United States
2003 Mexico
2005 United States
2007 United States
2009 Mexico
2011 Mexico
2013 United States
2015 Mexico
2017 United States
2019 Mexico
2021 United States
2023 Mexico

Gold Cup All-Time Table and Topscorers

Ranking of Winners

NB: CCCF and NAFC championships excluded.

Mexico          12

United States    7

Costa Rica       3

Canada           2

Guatemala        1
Haiti            1
Honduras         1

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