Challenge International du Nord

In 1898, Sporting Club de Tourcoing launched an international competition for clubs from the North of France and Belgium, because the northern French clubs could not participate in the French (in fact Parisian) championship.

Later editions also included Dutch clubs (e.g. Prinses Wilhelmina 1905, G.V.C. 1906), Swiss clubs (Old Boys from Basel were the first, in 1905; Grasshopper withdrew from the 1907 semifinal) and English ones (as evidenced by the 1909, 1910 and 1912 winners).


1898 Léopold Club de Bruxelles           
1899 Léopold Club de Bruxelles
1900 Le Havre Athletic Club Football Association
1901 Beerschot AC (Antwerpen)
1902 Antwerp FC
1903 Racing Club de Bruxelles
1904 Union Saint-Gilloise  
1905 Union Saint-Gilloise  
1906 Antwerp FC
1907 Union Saint-Gilloise  
1908 Racing Club de Bruxelles
1909 Eastbourne FC
1910 Reigate Priory
1911 US Tourquennoise (Tourcoing)
1912 Cambridge Town
1913   unknown
1914 CASB (Paris)

Number of Wins

 3 Union Saint-Gilloise  
 2 Antwerp FC
   Léopold Club de Bruxelles
   Racing Club de Bruxelles
 1 Beerschot AC
   Le Havre ACFA


French clubs:
Iris Club Lillois
Sporting Club de Tourcoing
Union Sportive de Tourcoing
Racing Club Roubaisien
Union Sportive de Calais
Le Havre Athlétic Club Football Association.
Belgian clubs:
Football Club Brugeois
Daring (Bruxelles)
Racing Club (Bruxelles)
Léopold Club de Bruxelles

Léopold Club de Bruxelles   1-0 Iris Club Lillois
RC Roubaisien               3-0 US Calais   

Léopold Club de Bruxelles   3-1 RC Roubaisien (Roubaix) 


Semifinals [both in Tourcoing]
Léopold Club de Bruxelles   3-1 Club Français
FC Brugeois                 1-0 Iris Club Lillois

Final [in Tourcoing]
Léopold Club de Bruxelles   4-1 FC Brugeois (Brugge)


[Jan 14]
Club Français               bt  Athletic and Running Club Bruxelles
[Feb 4]
Havre AC                    bt  FC Brugeois  

Final [Apr 29, Tourcoing]
Havre AC (Le Havre)         3-2 Club Français Paris


Preliminary Rounds 
[Jan 6]
Club Français Paris         0-1 Standard AC Paris 
[Apr 21]
Racing Club de France       2-1 Le Havre AC     

[Apr 21]
Beerschot AC (Antwerpen)    4-3 Standard AC Paris 
[may 5]
Léopold Club de Bruxelles   3-1 Racing Club de France (Paris)

Final [May 12, Tourcoing]
Beerschot AC (Antwerpen)    2-0 Léopold Club de Bruxelles 


Belgian Group
[Mar 16]
Antwerp FC                  w/o Cercle S.Brugeois             [forfait Cercle]
Athletic & Running CB       w/o FC Brugeois                   [forfait Brugeois]
[Mar 23]
Antwerp FC                  2-1 Athletic & Running CB 
[Mar 28]
Léopold Club                1-3 Antwerp FC 

France Group
[Jan 19]
Club Français Paris         0-0 Le Havre AC 
[Mar 2]
Le Havre AC                11-1 Club Français Paris
[Mar 24]
RC Roubaix                  3-2 SC Tourquennois

[Apr 20]
Racing Club de France       o/w Antwerp FC                    [forfait Racing]
[Apr 27]
Beerschot AC                w/o Le Havre AC                   [forfait Le Havre]

Additional Semifinal [May 8]
US Tourquennoise            1-3 Antwerp FC 

Final [May 25, Tourcoing]
Antwerp FC                  4-2 Beerschot AC (Antwerpen)


Belgian Group
[Dec 21, 1902]
Beerschot AC                2-3 Racing Club Bruxelles 
Union Saint Gilloise        w/o FC Liégeois                   [forfait Liégeois]
FC Courtraisien            0-13 Cercle S.Brugeois 
Antwerp FC                  o/w Daring Club Bruxelles         [forfait Antwerp]
[Dec 28, 1902]
Union Saint Gilloise        7-1 Daring Club Bruxelles        
[Jan 11]
Cercle S.Brugeois           1-2 Racing Club Bruxelles
[Mar 8]
Racing Club Bruxelles       w/o Union Saint Gilloise          [forfait Union]

Quarterfinals [both in Tourcoing]
[Mar 15]
Olympique Lillois           2-4 Racing Club Bruxelles
[Mar 22]
Racing Club Roubaix         3-0 Antwerp FC  

Semifinals [both in Tourcoing]
[Mar 29]
Racing Club Roubaix         w/o Standard AC Paris             [forfait Standard]
[Apr 19]
Nationale de Sainte-Mandé   0-1 Racing Club Bruxelles 

Additional Semifinal [Apr 26]
Racing Club Bruxelles       2-2 Union Saint Gilloise 

Final [May 3, Tourcoing]
Racing Club de Bruxelles    4-0 Racing Club Roubaix 


Belgian Group
[Jan 10]
CS Verviétois               w/o Beerschot AC                  [forfait Beerschot]
Cercle S.Brugeois           w/o FC Courtraisien               [forfait Courtraisien]
[Jan 17]
FC Brugeois                 w/o SC Mouscron                   [forfait Mouscron]
Union Saint Gilloise        4-0 Daring Club Bruxelles 
[Feb 7]
Olympia Club Bruxelles      1-2 Antwerp FC 
CS Verviétois               4-0 Cercle S.Brugeois    
[Mar 13]
Antwerp FC                  0-1 FC Brugeois 
[Mar 20]
CS Verviétois               1-0 Antwerp FC 

France Group
Gallia Club Paris           1-1 Cercle Athlétique Paris
United SC Paris            11-0 Stade Français  
Cercle Athlétique Paris     4-2 Gallia Club Paris 
US Calais                   3-0 Olympique Lillois  
Racing Club Roubaix         3-1 US Tourcoing 
Racing Club France (Paris)  2-1 Cercle Athlétique Paris
[Feb 16]
FC Paris                    4-2 Gallia Club Paris  

Quarterfinals [both in Tourcoing]
[Mar 20]
Union Saint Gilloise        8-0 Iris Stade Lillois
[Mar 27]
CS Verviétois               0-1 United Sports Club Paris 
Racing Club France (Paris)  bye
Rcing Club Roubaix          bye

Semifinals [both in Tourcoing]
[Apr ?]
Racing Club France (Paris)  lt  United SC Paris
[Apr 24]  
Racing Club Roubaix         o/w Union Saint Gilloise          [forfait Roubaix]

Final [May 8, Tourcoing]
Union Saint-Gilloise        5-0 United Sports Club (Paris)


NB: for the first time Swiss clubs entered.

France Group
[Oct 30, 1904]
FC Paris                    8-1 Stade Français Paris 
Gallia Club Paris           w/o United Sports Club            [forfait United]
Paris Semifinals [Nov 6, 1904]
Racing Club France (Paris)  2-1 Gallia Club Paris  
FC Paris                    2-1 US Parisienne    

North France Group
[Feb 19]
US Tourquennoise            4-2 Olympique Lillois  

Switzerland Group
[Apr 2]
Old Boys (Basel)            3-1 Grasshopper Club Zürich
[Apr 9]
Old Boys (Basel)            2-1 Servette FC (Genève)
Semifinals [both in Tourcoing]
[Apr 16]
Union Saint Gilloise        2-1 Old Boys (Basel)
[Apr 30]
Racing Club France (Paris)  1-2 Prinses Wilhelmina

Final [May 21, Tourcoing]
Union Saint-Gilloise        3-1 Prinses Wilhelmina (Enschede)


[May 13]
Antwerp FC                  2-1 Iris Stade Lillois [*]
[May 20]
US Tourquennois (Tourcoing) 4-0 G.V.C. (Wageningen)
[*] possibly a temporary combination of Iris Club Lillois (founded 1898) 
    and Stade Lillois (founded 1899)

Final [May 27, Tourcoing]
Antwerp FC                  3-2 US Tourquennois (Tourcoing)   [aet]


[Mar 10]
Olympique Lillois           1-0 Iris Stade Lillois 

[May 9]
Olympique Lillois (Lille)   w/o Grasshopper-Club Zürich 
[May 12]
Union Saint-Gilloise        3-1 RC de France Paris 

Final [May 26]
Union Saint-Gilloise        4-0 Olympique Lillois (Lille)


France - North Group
[Mar 15]
Olympique Lillois           9-0 Iris Stade Lillois
[Mar 22]
Racing Club Roubaix         3-2 SC Tourquennois
[Mar 29]
US Tourquennoise            5-0 Racing Club Roubaix    

France - Paris Group 
[Feb 23]
Racing Club Paris           4-2 US Parisienne   
CA XIV Arrondisement        4-0 Association S.Française  

France - Semifinals [Apr 5]
Olympique Lillois           5-2 Cercle Athlétique du XIV Arrondisement
US Tourquennoise            w/o Racing Club de France (Paris) [forfait Racing]

[May 17]
Olympique Lillois           0-2 Union Saint-Gilloise      
[May 24]
Racing Club de Bruxelles    4-2 US Tourquennoise (Tourcoing) 

Final [May 31]
Racing Club de Bruxelles    1-0 Union Saint-Gilloise 


French Group
[Feb 14]
Racing Club Roubaix         3-2 SC Tourquennois 
[Feb 21]
Cercle Athlétique Paris     2-1 Red Star Paris 
Association Sp. Française   w/o Racing Club de France (Paris) [forfait Racing]
[Mar 7]
Association Sp. Française   3-2 Cercle Athlétique Paris 

Eastbourne FC               2-0 Le Havre Sports   
Racing Club Roubaix         1-1 Association Sp. Française 

Eastbourne FC               5-1 Racing Club Roubaix 


Cercle Athlétique Paris     7-0 SC Tourcoing 
Reigate Priory              3-0 Kent Artillery Third Regiment  

Reigate Priory              3-0 Cercle Athlétique Paris 


French Semifinals
[Apr 23]
US Tourquennoise            4-0 Association Sp. Française 

US Tourquennoise            2-1 Cambridge Town 


Groupe France - Paris Group Final [Mar 31]
Racing Club France (Paris)  6-3 Gallia Club Paris  

Semifinals [both in Tourcoing]
[Apr 21]
Cambridge Town              5-2 Racing Club France (Paris) 
US Tourquennoise            3-1 Olympique Lillois

Cambridge Town              4-1 US Tourquennoise            


French Group
[Apr 20]
Club Français Paris         9-0 Gallia Club Paris 
[Apr 27]
Club Français Paris         3-2 Racing Club France (Paris) 

Club Français Paris         4-3 Cambridge Town  
other semifinal not known

not known


Groupe France
[May 4]
Red Star Paris              w/o FC Etoile Levallois           [forfait Etoile]

Semifinal [?!]
Stade Français Paris        5-1 Racing Club Roubaix           [Stade possibly should read Club]

CASB Paris                  7-0 Club Français Paris 

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