Chile - List of Amateur Champions (Associations)

Chile is divided into 15 regions, each with a number of member associations. These play a tournament in each region and the winners play off for the national title for amateur associations.

Senior Championships

Ed.     Year Winners                               

Ed.     Year Winners                                          Runners-up                               
I       1912 Antofagasta Football League
II      1913  Antofagasta Football League and Asociación Santiago  (shared) 
III     1914 Liga Santiago 
IV      1915  Asociación Santiago and Liga Talcahuano  (shared) 
V       1916  Liga Valparaíso and Liga Talcahuano  (shared) 
VI      1917 Zona Sur and Zona Central
VII     1920 Zona Sur                                         Liga Valparaíso  
VIII    1924 Zona Sur and Zona Central 
IX      1926 Zona Norte                                       Zona Sur 
X       1927 IV Zona (Provincia de Aconcagua and Valparaíso)  VII Zona (Provincia de Ñuble y Arauco) 
XI      1928 VI Zona (Provincias de Colchagua a Maule)        IV Zona (Provincia de Atacama y Valparaíso) 
XII     1930  Provincia de Iquique and Provincia de Concepción  (shared) 
XIII    1931 Asociación Santiago                              Asociación Talca 
XIV     1934 Asociación Lota                                  María Elena
XV      1935 Deportivo San Enrique (Iquique)                  Universidad (Santiago) 
XVI     1937 Iquique                                          Talcahuano
XVII    1938 Valparaíso                                       Valdivia
XVIII   1939 Pedro de Valdivia                                Schwager
XIX     1941 Pedro de Valdivia                                Talcahuano
XX      1943 Iquique                                          Rengo
XXI     1945 Concepción (CD Fernandez Vial reforzado)         Ovalle
XXII    1947 Iquique                                          Los Andes
XXIII   1949 La Serena                                        Santiago (CD Ferroviarios reforzado)
XXIV    1951 La Serena                                        Selección DIVHA (Santiago)
XXV     1953 La Serena                                        La Calera
XXVI    1955 Iquique                                          Temuco 
XXVII   1957 Peñaflor (CD Thomas Bata reforzado)              Tocopìlla
XXVIII  1959 Calama                                           Peñaflor (CD Thomas Bata reforzado)
XXIX    1961 Chuquicamata                                     Osorno
XXX     1963 Peñaflor                                         Chuquicamata
XXXI    1966 Alejo Barrios (Valparaíso)                       Arica
XXXII   1968 Valparaíso                                       Valdivia
XXXIII  1970 Antofagasta                                      Valparaíso
XXXIV   1972 Antofagasta                                      Santa Cruz 
XXXV    1974 Castro                                           San Fernando
XXXVI   1976 Peñaflor                                         Vallenar
XXXVII  1978 Iquique                                          Peñaflor
XXXVIII 1980 Punta Arenas                                     Temuco
XXXIX   1982 Puerto Montt                                     Arica
XL      1984 Pichilemu                                        Puerto Montt
XLI     1989 Rengo                                            Curicó
XLII    1993 Quilpué                                          Antofagasta
XLIII   1996 Rengo                                            Los Placeres (Viña del Mar)
XLIV    2000 Illapel                                          Punta Arenas
XLV     2003 Castro                                           Coltauco
XLVI    2005 Santa Cruz                                       Punta Arenas
XLVII   2008 Punta Arenas                                     Río Claro (Cumpeo)
XLVIII  2011
XLIX    2014

Youth Championships

U-17 | U-15 | U-13

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