China Tour of Australia 1985

[Sep 23, Queanbeyan (near Canberra)]
Australia B        2-0 China
  [Wade, Petersen] 
Australia B: Banovic (Franken), Gray (Carter), Dunn, McDowell,
             McCulloch, Wade, Petersen, Miranda (Kaiantzis), Farina, 
             Patikas, Arnold (Lee)
[Sep 25, Sydney; att: 2,793; ref: Power (Australia)]   
Australia B        1-1 China
  [Arnold 76; Ma Lin 25]
Australia B: Banovic (Gibson), Gray, Dunn, McDowell, McCulloch, Farina
             (Lee 70), Petersen, Miranda, Wade (Kaiantzis 53), Patikas 
             (Lane 53), Arnold
China: Xu Jianping, Wang Gongsing (? Dongding?), Jia Xiuquan, Goa Sheng,
       Lu Hongxiang, Li Huayan, Chen Dong, Jun Wang, ? Hullong, Ma Lin,
       Wu Qunli (NB: various family names unknown)

Ampol Cup [Sep 27, Brisbane; att: 4,823; ref: Monteverde (Australia)]
Australia          3-0 China
  [Kosmina 9, Crino 14, Watson 63]
Australia: Greedy (Oliver 69), Davidson, Ratcliffe, Yankos, Jennings,
           Odzakov, Watson (Farina 68), Crino, Murphy, Mitchell, Kosmina
China: Xu Jianping, Wang Gongsing, Goa Sheng, Jia Xiuquan, Lu Hongxiang, 
       Jun Wang, Li Huayan, Duan Ju, Chen Dong, Ma Lin, Wu Qunli 
       (Wei Kexing)

NB: the Ampol Cup is an annual challenge match between the two countries. 
    China won the first edition 3-2 in 1984.

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