Channel Islands (Women) 2022/23



Cup Competitions

Cup Competitions

Zenith Cup 2022/23

Round 1 [Oct 9; moved from Sep 11 due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II]
Grouville           0-4 Saint Lawrence      
Rozel Rovers        5-1 Jersey Wanderers    

Round 2 [moved from Sep 18 due to the death of Sylvia Spinola of St. Lawrence, aged 34]
[Oct 2]
Grouville           o/w Rozel Rovers        [Grouville scratched]
[Oct 16]
Saint Lawrence      2-1 Jersey Wanderers    

Round 3
[Sep 25]
Jersey Wanderers    9-1 Grouville           
[oct 13]
Saint Lawrence      2-5 Rozel Rovers        

Final Table:

 1.Rozel Rovers          3   3  0  0  10- 3   9  Final
 2.Saint Lawrence        3   2  0  1   8- 6   6  Final
 3.Jersey Wanderers      3   1  0  2  11- 8   3
 4.Grouville             3   0  0  3   1-13   0
NB: no goals included for walkover win Rozel Rovers against Grouville

Final [Oct 19, Springfield; att: 128]
Rozel Rovers        3-0 Saint Lawrence      
  [Roisin Flynn 44, Hannah Campbell 68pen, Tiffany Sundby 83]
  [Rozel Rovers (4-4-2):
     Tayah Vasse (Ana Malta 76), Emma Dempsey, Candice Parsons-Page, Ana-Lucia Melim
     (Nazmin Ribeiro 46, Melim 82), Jessica Parsons-Page (Charlotte Skinner 26),
     Natalia Jurek (J. Parsons-Page 46, Nicola Barnes 76), Holly Muirhead,
     Tiffany Sundby (c), Roisin Flynn (Jurek 82), Louise Van der Vliet,
     Hannah Campbell (Kira Moisan 82);
   Saint Lawrence (4-4-2):
     Lisa Stubbs, Chloe Botterill (Amelie Rudland 46), Alice Caboz, Fiona McKinnon-Fox
     (Corbally 46, red card 67), Catarina Gomes, Sophie Dines, Lara Couvert,
     Sophie Botterill (c), Shannon Corbally (Velosa 26), Nilza Velosa (Lisa Godinho 24),
     Rosie Corbett; unused sub: Jessica De Castro;
   ref: Luke Nerac, Neil Giannoni, Tristan Le Fondre, Stefan Roman]

Colin Welsh Memorial Trophy 2022/23

NB: 5 entrants

Preliminary Round [Feb 5]
Grouville             1-5 Jersey Wanderers      

Semifinals [Feb 26]
Jersey Wanderers      3-2 Guernsey Ladies       
Rozel Rovers          4-0 St. Lawrence          

Final [Apr 19, at Springfield; att: 93]
Jersey Wanderers      1-4 Rozel Rovers          
  [Sofia Rodrigues 21; Louise Van der Vliet 13, Candice Parsons-Page 19,
   Eve Watson 50, Holly Muirhead 69]
  [Rozel Rovers (4-4-2): Tayah Vasse (Ana Malta 77); Emma Dempsey, Candice Parsons-Page,
     Poppy Benest, Ana-Lucia Melim (Nazmin Ribeiro 29, Charlotte Skinner 60);
     Roisin Flynn (Jess Parsons-Page 77), Tiffany Sundby (c), Eve Watson,
     Holly Muirhead; Hannah Campbell, Louise Van der Vliet (Marta Rodrigues 77);
     manager: Tim Pryor;
   Jersey Wanderers (4-4-2): Ashley Whitfield; Iona Sweet (Catherine Baudains 80), 
     Ella Brennard, Lauren Quemard, Sofia Rodrigues; Courtney McDade (Y 38)
     (Natalie Davies 58), Libby Barnett (c), Rachael McCartan (Felicia Cardendi 85),
     Sarah Le Sueur (Lauren Trachy 46); Sam Silva (SB 70), Hannah Lynam; manager:#
     Chris Duncan;
   ref: Stefan Roman, Steve Proffitt, Finn Bennett, Neil Giannoni]

Zany l'Abbe Trophy 2023

NB: between the women's champions and a team representing the rest of the league

[May 3, at Springfield; att: 72]
Rozel Rovers        3-2 The Rest      
  [Hannah Campbell 18, Eve Watson 62, Holly Muirhead 77; Libby Barnett 23, Samantha Silva 31]
  [Rozel Rovers: Tayah Vasse, Emma Dempsey, Jessica Parsons-Page, Tiffany Sundby (c),
     Poppy Benest, Ana-Lucia Melim, Hannah Campbell, Eve Watson, Louise Van der Vliet,
     Holly Muirhead, Roisin Flynn; unused subs: Ana Malta (GK), Nazmin Ribeiro,
     Charlotte Skinner, Jenna McKinley, Evie Walker; manager: Tim Pryor;
   The Rest: Lisa Stubbs (St. Lawrence) (Catherine Overbury-Perry, Grouville 46),
     Olivia Labesse (Grouville), Lucinda Overbury (Grouville) (Sarah Le Sueur, Wanderers 57,
     L. Overbury 78), Lauren Quemard (Wanderers), Ella Brennand (Wanderers),
     Chloe Botterill (St. Lawrence) (Lauren Trachy, Wanderers 71), Samantha Silva (Wanderers),
     Libby Barnett (c) (Wanderers), Grace Paterson (St. Lawrence)
     (Soraya De Conceicao, Grouville 37, Paterson 66), Sofia Rodrigues (Wanderers),
     Hannah Lynam (Wanderers) (Ashley Whitfield, Wanderers 88); manager:
     Chris Duncan (Wanderers);
   ref:  Charlton Lawlor, Kenan Bryan, Andrew Videgrain, Jose Restolho]



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