South East Asia Tour of Chung Hwa 1931

Shortly after Nan Hwa (the Hongkong club also known as South China) had left Java, city rivals Chung Hwa (better known as Chinese Athletic Association) arrived on the island. They had been champions of Hongkong for three seasons running (1928 to 1930) and were apparently strengthened for the trip by guest players from Shanghai and Tientsin (Tianjin). Other reports state they included players from other Hongkong clubs, viz. Hwa Tong (East China) and a Portuguese club. They paid a visit to Makassar on August 4th but did not play a match there (three years later, they returned to the city to play four matches as part of the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of local club Excelsior). After visiting Java, most of Chung Hwa's first team players returned directly to Hongkong but the remainder of the side played four more matches in Singapore.
Matches on Java

 1- 8 Soerabaja         T.H.O.R.         2-4 Chung Hwa        [HT: 1-2]
 2- 8 Soerabaja         Excelsior        0-3 Chung Hwa        [HT: 0-1]
 8- 8 Soerabaja         S.V.B. XI        2-2 Chung Hwa        [HT: 1-2]
 9- 8 Soerabaja         Tiong Hoa        0-1 Chung Hwa        [HT: 0-1]
12- 8 Batavia           U.M.S.           2-0 Chung Hwa        [HT: 1-0]
15- 8 Batavia           Hercules         1-2 Chung Hwa        [HT: 0-0]
16- 8 Batavia           V.B.O. XI        2-4 Chung Hwa        [HT: 2-2]
19- 8 Batavia           S.V.B.B.         1-2 Chung Hwa        [HT: 0-2]
26- 8 Cheribon          Y.N.H.           unk Chung Hwa        
29- 8 Semarang          M.O.T.           1-4 Chung Hwa        
30- 8 Semarang          V.S.O. XI       0-11 Chung Hwa        
 1- 9 Malang            M.V.B. XI        0-1 Chung Hwa        [HT: 0-1]

Matches in Singapore

10- 9 Singapore         Sino-Malays      5-5 Chung Hwa        
13- 9 Singapore         Malayan Chinese  1-1 Chung Hwa        
15- 9 Singapore         S.A.F.A.         2-2 Chung Hwa        
18- 9 Singapore         Malayan Chinese  3-2 Chung Hwa        

Total Record Chung Hwa:   15   9  4  2  44-22  22  [missing match Cheribon]

Makassar Tour of Chung Hwa 1934

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