Colombia - Divisional Moves between First and Second Division

          PROMOTED                      RELEGATED

1991      Envigado Fútbol Club          none
1992      Atlético Huila (Neiva)        Real Cartagena
1993      Corporación Tuluá             Deportes Tolima (Ibagué)
1994      Deportes Tolima (Ibagué)      Atlético Bucaramanga
1995      Atlético Bucaramanga          Cúcuta Deportivo
1995/96   Cúcuta Deportivo              Atlético Huila (Neiva)
1996/97   Unicosta (Barranquilla)       Cúcuta Deportivo
1997 [1]  Atlético Huila (Neiva)        Deportivo Pereira
1998      Deportivo Pasto               Unicosta (Barranquilla)
1999      Real Cartagena                Unión Magdalena (Santa Marta)
2000      Deportivo Pereira             Deportes Quindío (Armenia)
2001 [2]  Unión Magdalena (Santa Marta) none
          Deportes Quindío (Armenia)
2002      Centauros Villavicencio       Real Cartagena
2003      Chicó Fútbol Club (Bogotá)    Centauros Villavicencio
2004      Real Cartagena                Corporación Tuluá
2005      Cúcuta Deportivo              Unión Magdalena (Santa Marta)

[1] During the 1996/97 season two championships were played in the
    Second Division due to the change of the season calendar.
    The second tournament (1997) was called Torneo Adecuación 1997.
[2] The league was extended to 18 teams.

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