Cook Islands 2004

NB: all competitions on Rarotonga (main island) unless indicated otherwise.

    There are seven clubs on Rarotonga, 15 clubs on the outer islands.

Round Cup 2004 (championship)

Round 1
[Sep 4]
Tupapa         13-0     Puaikura
[Sep 4? (before Sep 11)]
Matavera        7-0     Titikaveka
Avatiu           -      Takuvaine
Nikao Sokattack bye

NB: until Sep 11, Matavera had not conceded a single goal (in a
    'marathon start to the season without conceding a goal')

Round 2
[Sep 11]
Matavera        1-1     Takuvaine
Nikao           8-0     Puaikura
[Sep 22? (postponed from Sep 11)]
Tupapa         11-1     Titikaveka
Avatiu          bye

[Sep 15]
Avatiu          4-0     Matavera

NB: up to Sep 18, Titikaveka had only played the above match against Matavera 
    abd Puaikura only the two against Tupapa and Nikao

Round 3? [Sep 18]
Tupapa          6-1     Matavera       [last previous meeting finished 0-0]
Titikaveka      lt      Nikao
Puaikura        0-3     Avatiu 
Takuvaine       bye

[Sep 22]
Nikao           3-2     Takuvaine

NB: up to Sep 25, Tupapa only played the three matches above against
    Puaikura, Matavera and Titikaveka

Round 4? [Sep 25,26]
Nikao           lt      Tupapa  
Takuvaine        -      Puaikura
Avatiu           -      Titikaveka
Matavera        bye

Round 5? [Oct 2]
Tupapa          3-0     Avatiu
Matavera        1-6     Nikao Sokattack
Takuvaine       5-1     Titikaveka
Puaikura        bye
Top of Table:

Round 7? [Oct 6]
Tupapa          0-3     Takuvaine      [first loss for Tupapa] 
Avatiu          3-6     Nikao Sokattack 
Matavera        4-0     Puaikura
Titikaveka      bye

Top of Table (Oct 20):
 2.Nikao     (equal on points)
 3.Avatiu    (3 points behind)

Round 8 [Oct 23]
Tupapa          4-0     Puaikura
Matavera        7-0     Titikaveka
Avatiu          6-0     Takuvaine
Nikao Sokattack bye

Round 9?
[Oct 30]
Titikaveka      1-1     Tupapa
[Nov 2]
Matavera        2-0     Avatiu  

NB: Matavera apparently won one more match between Oct 6 and Nov 2 and
    are third

[Nov 6]
Matavera         -      Tupapa
Round 14 [Nov 24]
Nikao           2-2     Avatiu
Takuvaine       1-2     Tupapa
Puaikura        0-4     Matavera
Titikaveka      bye
NB: Puaikura also referred to as Arorangi

Final Ranking (W-D-L records inferred):
 1.Nikao       12   9  2  1  29
 2.Tupapa      12   9  1  2  28
 3.Matavera    12            24  [did not lose their last 7 matches]
 4.Avatiu      12            20 

NB: Matavera are reported to have finished 1 point ahead of Avatiu but
    with the indicated point totals!

Top-2 in other categories:
Senior menís B: Winners: Takuvaine     Runners-up: Tupapa Maraerenga
Boys under 16:  Winners: Avatiu Nikao  Runners-up: Tupapa Maraerenga
Boys under 13:  Winners: Takuvaine     Runners-up: Avatiu Nikao

Air New Zealand Cup (season opener)

Final [Aug 28]
Tupapa          0-0     Nikao          [4-3 pen]

CIFA Knock-out Cup

Quarterfinals [Nov 27]
Tupapa          bt      Titikaveka
Matavera         -      Puaikura
Avatiu           -      Takuvaine
Nikao Sokattack bye

Semifinals [Dec 1]

Final [Dec 4]
Tupapa          3-3     Nikao          [3-1 pen]
  [Geoffrey Strickland (2), Andrew Iroa; Nga Taiti, Anonga Tisam, Dawn Tare]

Men's B Category

Final [Dec 3]
Tupapa          4-1     Takuvaine

Top-2 in other categories:
Boys under 16:  Winners: Tupapa        Runners-up: Avatiu Nikao
Boys under 13:  Winners: Avatiu Nikao  Runners-up: Takuvaine    

Cook Island Games

[Oct 9,10]
Pool A
Te Au O Tonga 0-0 Takitumu 
Atiu          1-0 Aitutaki 
Pool B
Mauke        12-1 Mangaia 
Puaikura      1-2 Mitiaro

Winners: Te Au Tonga

Outer Islands


Champions: Arenikau
Cup Final
Au              bt      Vaipae
Champion of champions
Winners: Arenikau


5-a-side tournament [May - Jul]
Winners came from the North Zone


From the 3 existing teams (Oneroa FC, Ivirua FC, Aremauku Knights FC) 
only 2 took part in the championship.

Champions: Oneroa FC
Cup winners: Oneroa FC


[Nov - Dec]
2 participating teams



Champions: Mitiaro Under-16
5-a-side tournament

Champions: Kicks
Runners-up: SARS



Championship held between the 3 villages 




list of champions (includes 2nd level)

list of cup winners

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