Djibouti - List of Women Cup Winners

2004/05 Bis Mer Rouge              3-1 Fukuzawa
2005-13   not known
2013/14 CDC du Quartier 3          1-0 Cité Hodan
2014/15   not known
2015/16   not known
2016/17 Cheick Moussa              1-0 Forces Armées de Djibouti
2017/18   not known
2018/19 Forces Armées de Djibouti  7-0 Hayableh   
2019/20   not known (probably not held)
2020/21 Forces Armées de Djibouti  2-0 Garde Républicaine FF
2021/22 Garde Républicaine FF      2-1 Forces Armées de Djibouti (FAD)

NB: Bis = Banque Indo-Suez

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