El Salvador - Divisional Moves Between First and Second Division

SEASON    PROMOTED                     RELEGATED

[for every season, the teams promoted to the first division before 
 the start of the season and those relegated at the end of the season
 are listed]

1950/51      none                      Águilas
1951/52      no promotion                no relegation
1952/53      no promotion                no relegation
1953/54      no promotion                no relegation 
1955      Once Municipal
          Asturias                     Asturias
1955/56   Guardia Nacional             Leones
1956/57   H-13                         H-13
1957/58   Leones                       L.A. Firpo
          Universidad                  Universidad
1959      Atlético Constancia  	       Independiente
1960/61   L.A. Firpo                   Leones
1961/62   Quequeisque  	               Santanita
1962      Telecomunicaciones  	       L.A. Firpo 
1963/64   Universidad                  C.D. Dragón
1964      Gatos de Monterrey           Gatos de Monterrey
1965/66   Adler                        Quequeisque
1966/67   Leones                       Atlante
1967/68   L.A. Firpo                   L.A. Firpo      
1969      Atlante                        no relegation
1970        no promotion               Once Municipal 
1971      U.C.A. 
          Excelsior                    U.C.A.
1972      Municipal Limeño             Adler
1973      L.A. Firpo                   Excelsior
1974/75   C.D. Platense                Sonsonate
          Negocios Internacionales
1975/76   A.N.T.E.L.                   Juventud Olimpica
          Tapachulteca 	               Municipal Limeño
1976/77   Fuerte Aguilares             Fuerte Aguilares
1977/78   C.D. Dragón                    no relegation
1978/79   C.D. Santiagueño             Juventud Olimpica
1979/80   Chalatenango                 Once Municipal
1980/81   Once Lobos                   C.D. Dragón
1981      Universidad                    no relegation
1982      Agave                        C.D. Santiagueño  
1983      A.D.E.T.                     A.D.E.T.
1984      U.C.A.                       Independiente
1985      C.E.S.S.A.                     no relegation
1986/87   A.D.O.C.                     Soyapango
          Acajutla                     Universidad
                                       José Maria Gondra
1987/88   Cojutepeque                  Once Lobos
1988/89   A.D.E.T.                     A.D.E.T.
1989/90   C.D. Dragón                  Chalatenango
1990/91   Fuerte San Francisco         C.D. Dragón
1991/92   Baygon-A.D.E.T.              Metapán
1992/93   Apaneca                      Fuerte San Francisco
1993/94   Municipal Limeño  	       Apaneca
1994/95   El Roble                     Cojutepeque
1995/96   C.D. Dragón                  Tiburones
1996/97   Once Lobos                   Once Lobos
1997/98   Sonsonate                    El Roble
1998/99   Santa Clara                  Sonsonate
1999/00   Juventud Olimpica Metalio    Juventud Olimpica Metalio 
2000/01 A Atlético Balboa              Santa Clara
2000/01 C San Luis                     San Luis
2001/02   Isidro-Metapán               Atlético Marte
2002/03   C.D. Arcense                 C.D. Dragón
2003/04   Chalatenango                 Chalatenango (*r)
                                       C.D. Arcense
2004/05   Once Municipal               Municipal Limeño (*r)
          Once Lobos (*p)              Once Lobos
2005/06   Vista Hermosa                Atlético Balboa
          Coca Cola (*p) (*s)
2006/07   Independiente Nacional 1906

(*p) promoted after a playoff against a top level club
(*r) relegated after a playoff against a second level club
(*s) sold their top level place to Chalatenango

NB: 2000/01 is the only season in which a team was relegated and promoted
    at the half-way stage between Apertura and Clausura;
    Ajacutla were renamed Tiburones;
    A.D.E.T. sold their license to San Salvador;
    several other teams must have been relegated under another name
    than under which they were promoted (e.g. Negocios Internacionales,
    A.N.T.E.L., Tapachulteca, C.E.S.S.A., A.D.O.C. and others) or sold 
    their license

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