Equatorial Guinea 2000/01

Liguilla Nacional

NB: was supposed to have 8 teams on ministerial orders; Sony (Elá Nguema)
    however insisted only 4 teams should be admitted.

Café Bank Sportif withdrew after a first leg match against FC Akonanguí
had ended in controversy, the Café Bank players assaulting the referee.

Sony did not show for a match against Deportivo Mongomo.

Final Ranking:

 1.Akonanguí FC  
 2.Deportivo Mongomo
 3.Sony Elá Nguema
 4.Café Band Sportif

Copa de S.E.

Unknown Round

First Leg
Unión Vesper      4-4 Akonanguí FC

Second Leg result unknown

Sony were eliminated by Deportivo Unidad.

Atlético Malabo won the cup.


2001 (women)


list of champions

list of cup winners

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