Eritrea 2000/01

Zoba Makeel Club Championship 2000/01 (First Division)

Known results: 
Red Sea lost in rounds 1 and 2 [one loss against F.P.] 
Red Sea         4-3     Hintsa          [round 3] 
Red Sea         3-0     CH-Star         [round 4] 
Adulis          6-0     Haben 
Asmara Brewery won in first 3 rounds 
Tesfa lost in first 3 rounds 
Al-Tahrir       1-1     Adulis 
Airforce        1-1     Asmara Brewery 

Top of table: 

 1.Adulis                4   10 
 2.Asmara Brewery        4   10 

other participants:
Airforce, CH-Star, Haben, Hintsa, Red Sea, Al-Tahrir, Tesfa, 
F.P. (aka Food Factory)

Hintsa won championship



list of champions.

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