Eritrea 1937/38

NB: second edition; the top level was officially incorporated at the fourth
    level (Serie D) of the Italian league structure, but of course there was
    no real connection with the championships on the peninsula.

Prima Divisione

Participants included:

G.S. 175ª Compagnia Radio Genio, Asmara 
Dop. Ala Littoria
Amba Galliano
S.S. Asmara, Asmara (withdrew) 
G.A. Cicero
Dop. Decameré 
G.S. Deposito Territoriale, Asmara 
Dop. Coloniale Eritreo Duca di Bergamo, Asmara 
Dopolavoro Ferroviario
G.U.F. (= Gioventu Universitaria Fascista) 
Dopolavoro O.C.R.A.E.
Dop. Postelegrafonico, Asmara

Seconda Divisione

Participants included:

G.S. 175ª Compagnia Radio Genio (B=riserve), Asmara 
G.S. Capronia
Dopolavoro Gondrand



list of champions.

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