Eritrea 1946/47

League participants (5):

GS Asmara
GS Eritrea 
GS Decamerč
GS Mar Rosso [indigenous club; first entry]
GS Hamasien (later renamed Asmara SC) [indigenous club]

GS Asmara results:
GS Decamerč       0-1 GS Asmara
GS Asmara         2-0 GS Hamasien
GS Asmara         4-2 GS Mar Rosso
AS Eritrea        1-1 GS Asmara
GS Hamasien       0-0 GS Asmara
GS Asmara         5-0 GS Decamerč
GS Asmara         2-1 AS Eritrea 
GS Mar Rosso      unk GS Asmara
Champions: GS Asmara

Hamasien finished 3rd,
Mar Rosso last and withdrew after season.

Other clubs, apparently active at lower level:

Akale Guzay (later renamed Embassoyra)
Loggo Ciuą (later renamed Mai Leham)
Tele SC (later renamed Telecommunication)
Stella Asmarina (S. Giuseppe della Cattedrale) (later renamed CS Junior)

NB: list may not be exhaustive.



list of champions.

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