Eritrea - List of Foundation Dates Clubs

1936   Ardita (Asmara)
       GS Melotti (Asmara)
       Savoia (Asmara)
       Vittoria (Asmara)
1938   GS Asmara                   [founded as Grupo Sportivo Cicero; dissolved in the early 1960s]
1939   Tele SC (Asmara)            [founded as Gejeret]
1944   Asmara Birra                [founded as Hamassien]
1945   Red Sea FC (Asmara)
1955   Al Nasser FC (Keren)        [also written Nassr]
1970   Asmara Shoe Factory
1994   Tesfa FC (Asmara)

NB: during the reorgination of Eritrean football in the late fifties or early sixties, 
    several (mainly Italian) teams were dissolved (GS Asmara, GS Barattolo, GS Stella
    Eritrea, possibly also Qestedemana (police/customs); some of the remaining teams 
    were renamed: GS Seraie became GS Mendefera, GS Hamasien became GS Asmara, and
    GS Akeleguzai became GS Amabasoira.

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