Coppa Europa per Nazioni (Women) 1969

Tournament held in Italy. Matches were played over 2x35 minutes.
Organized by the FICF (Federazione Italiana Calcio Femminile).

NB: some retrospective references suggest that this tournament was organized by the FIEFF
    (Federazione Internazionale Europea di Football Femminile), but that is inaccurate; the
    FIEFF was not constituted until February 1970.

Match Results


 1-11-69 Novara   Italy         1-0 France
                    [Giubertoni 27']
                    [Stadio Comunale; att: 3,500; ref: Marocco (Italy)]
  [Italy: Amari; Fabbri, Cittadino; Angeletti (Dasso 48'), Zaramella, Colombo;
          Gerwien, Meles, Giubertoni, Ciceri, Medri;
   France: Defraiteur; Gilbert (Pourveux 36'), Reb; Lebrun (sent off 50'), Mangas, Darbre;
           Juillard (Thomas 60'), Fabry, Lesieur, Monier, Harant.]

 1-11-69 Aosta    Denmark       4-3 England
                    [Christensen 13' 44', Ševčíková 15', L. Hansen 28'; Lopez 8' 53' 61']
                    [Stadio Mario Puchoz; att: 2,500; ref: Turco (Italy)]
  [Denmark: Thomsen; J. Nielsen, B. Nielsen; Mandiková, Schäeffer, Kristensen;
            Ševčíková, L. Hansen, Christensen, Østergaard Hansen, S. Hansen;
   England: Buckett; Blake, Long; Birkett, Oliver, Cheshire;
            Rayner, Cassell, Lopez, Tungate (missed penalty), Gunnell.]

Third Place Match

 2-11-69 Torino   England       2-0 France
                    [Tungate 12', Lopez 44']
                    [Stadio Comunale; ref: Sicco (Italy)]
  [England: Buckett; Blake, Long; Cassell, Birkett, Gunnell;
            Rayner, Oliver, Lopez, Tungate, Salmon;
   France: Defraiteur; Gilbert, Lebrun; Pourveux, Fabry (Nizard), Mangas;
           Lesieur, Reb, Harant, Juillard, Monier.]


 2-11-69 Torino   Italy         3-1 Denmark
                    [Ciceri 12' 33', Medri 30'; L. Hansen 8']
                    [Stadio Comunale; att: 12,000; ref: Cosentina (Italy)]
  [Italy: Amari; Fabbri, Cittadino; De Grandis, Zaramella, Colombo;
          Gerwien, Meles, Giubertoni (Angeletti 17'), Ciceri, Medri;
   Denmark: Schelke; B. Nielsen (J. Nielsen), J. Thomsen; Mandiková, Schäeffer, Kristensen;
            Ševčíková, S. Hansen, Christensen, Østergaard Hansen, L. Hansen.]

Available Squad Information

Denmark (incomplete)
  Lena Schelke (GK), Jytta Termansen (GK; injured in training), Joan Thomsen,
  Joan Nielsen, Birgit Nielsen, Jana Mandiková, Maria Ševčíková,
  Helene Østergaard Hansen, Irene Christensen, Inge Kristensen, Lone Hansen,
  Ann Lindh, Kirsten Schäeffer, Solveig Hansen, ? Thomsen II
  Denmark was represented by Femina BK (Gladsaxe); the team's matches are not
  considered official by the DBU (Dansk Boldspil-Union). Mandiková and
  Ševčíková were Czechoslovak nationals living in Denmark (as political refugees).

England (possibly incomplete)
 Coach: Harry Batt (Chiltern Valley)
 Chaperone: June Batt
  Sue Buckett (GK; Southampton), Jill Long (Southampton), Barbara Birkett (Southampton),
  Dot Cassell (Southampton), Sue Lopez (cap, Southampton), Paula Rayner (Chiltern Valley),
  Valerie Cheshire (Chiltern Valley), Chris Salmon (Chiltern Valley), Mary Blake (Luton),
  Tina Oliver (Luton), Sue Tungate (Luton), Gail Gunnell (Kays Ladies, Worcester),
  Lesley Cale (Kays Ladies, Worcester)
 Notes: England was represented by a selection arranged by Harry Batt; the team's
        matches are not considered official by the Football Association, nor
        previously by the Women's Football Association.

 Coach: Pierre Geoffroy
  Dominique Defraiteur (GK), Chantal Lebrun, Nicole Mangas, Nelly Reb (cap), 
  Claude Gilbert, Michčle Darbre, Nadine Juillard, Maud Fabry, Michčle Monier,
  Maryse Lesieur, Marie-Claire Harant, Rosine Nizard, Régine Pourveux,
  Marie-Bernadette Thomas, Liliane Roth-Laval, Françoise Damien
 Notes: the French team's matches are not considered official by the FFF
        (Fédération française de football).

 Coach: Giuseppe Cavicchi
 Assistant coach: Ugo Mignone
  Giovanna Amari (GK; Real Torino), Maria Rosa Ligabue (GK; Piacenza), Maura Fabbri (Genova),
  Silvana Cittadino (Real Torino), Luciana Meles (Piacenza), Franca Zaramella (Real Torino),
  Silvana Colombo (Ambrosiana), Maria Grazia Gerwien (Genova), Patrizia De Grandis (Roma),
  Aurora Giubertoni (Ambrosiana), Maurizia Ciceri (cap; Ambrosiana), Stefania Medri (Roma),
  Annalisa Dasso (Genova), Marisa Rossero (Real Torino), Mirella Angeletti (Roma),
  Rosanna Peirano (Ambrosiana)
 Notes: the Italian team was selected by the FICF (Federazione Italiana Calcio
        Femminile); the team's matches are considered official by the FIGC
        (Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio).


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