USA national team visit to Iceland 1955

All matches at Melavöllur, Reykjavík.

25-Aug-1955 Iceland national team     3-2  USA
              [Ţórđur Ţórđarson 34', Gunnar Guđmannsson 55' 85' / Bill Looby 40', Ed Murphy 74'] *

28-Aug-1955 Íţróttabandalag Akraness  3-2  USA
              [Ríkarđur Jónsson 40' 83', Ţórđur Jónsson 59' / Eddie Smolinski 82', Bill Looby 84']

30-Aug-1955 Reykjavík selection       1-0  USA
              [Ólafur Hannesson 44']

* several variations of the USA scorers were reported in the match vs Iceland.
  The "New York Times" gave Ferris and Murphy; two Icelandic newspapers agreed, while another gave Looby as the
  first scorer, and yet another gave Murphy both goals.  All Icelandic newspapers gave Murphy as the scorer
  of the second goal.  In an interview after the tour, the St. Louis players mentioned that Looby scored
  one goal in the match.  US official records give both goals to Looby, and give a lineup which does not
  include Ferris.  Icelandic newspapers gave a preview lineup, published on the day of the match, but did not
  give a lineup in the post-match reports.

USA squad
 Officials: Joe Barriskill (secretary, U.S.S.F.A.), Ed Sullivan, Wilson Hobson, James Aitken
 Coach: Ernő Schwarz (Hungary)
 Players: Don Malinowski [Castle Shannon; Pittsburgh] (GK), Harry Keough [St. Louis Kutis], Ernie Buck [Morgan; Pittsburgh],
          Herman Wecke [St. Louis Kutis], Alfonso Marina [Brookhattan; New York], Rolf Decker [Brooklyn Hakoah],
          Walter Bahr [Uhrik Truckers; Philadelphia], Eddie Smolinski [Trenton Americans], Lloyd Monsen [New York Americans],
          Derek Nash [Brooklyn Hispano], Ed Murphy [Chicago Slovaks], Jack Ferris [Uhrik Truckers; Philadelphia],
          Bill Looby [St. Louis Kutis], Ben McLaughlin [Brookhattan; New York], John Pinezich [Eintracht; New York].
 Note: Bahr and Keough were named co-captains.  Keough was captain in the match against Iceland.

Iceland national team tour of USA 1956

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