Falkland Islands 1892-2000


Falkland Island Volunteers (F.I. Volunteers; currently called
Falkland Islands Defence Force, FIDF) were formed and played 


Stanley Football Club apparently were formed around this year.
The club later changed name to Athletic Club.


A "Jubilee Club" was formed by local youngsters often playing 
the F.I. Volunteers in challenge matches.


After the start of World War II, the Second Battalion of the 
West Yorkshire Regiment came to the Falklands and a league
of 7 teams (apparently consisting of one local team (FIDF),
and 6 garrison sides) was formed.  The local side finished 6th.

After the West Yorkshire Regiment was withdrawn, a new league
with 6 teams was formed:
  The Service Corps I
  The Service Corps II
  Royal Scots I
  Royal Scots II
  Falkland Islands Defence Force (FIDF)
FIDF finished as runners-up.


The Falkland Islands Football League was formed, and the initial
league had 4 clubs:
  Hotspurs (Green & White Quarters)
  Stanley Dynamos (Yellow & Black stripes)
  Stanley Redsox (Blue & Red stripes) 
  Stanley United (White)

1947 champions: Stanley Redsox


The HMS Protector, a South Atlantic ice patrol ship, annually
arrived at the Falklands and a 5-match series for the "Shield"
was then organised.  Later the Protector was replaced by the
HMS Endurance who then entered the Shield series.

At some year in the 1970s, a 4-team tournament was held which included a team
of Argentine workers (building fuel tanks for the Argentine fuel company YPF),
as well as teams from the Royal Marine Detachment, the Johnstones Construction
Company (which was building Stanley airport) and a Stanley XI.  
Final: Stanley XI 2-1 YPF XI (this final was attended by possibly the largest
                              ever crowd for a football game on the Falklands)


HMS Endurance won the Shield at the eve of the Argentine invasion.


Stanley won the Veterans/Tri Services Cup (successor tournament of the Shield)
for the first time ever, having lost two finals in earlier years.


list of champions

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