All-Indonesia tour of the Far East 1953

The Indonesian team arrived in Manila on April 16. [Sae 70] denoted the Indonesian selection as "PSSI", distinguishing it from the official matches of the national team (denoted Indonesia), although the PSSI of course was the official football federation of Indonesia, FIFA members since 1952.
18-4 Manila      Manila Football League  0-8 Indonesia        [HT 0-2]
                   [Ramang (5), Darmadi (2), Thiam Goan]
19-4 Manila      All Students XI         0-7 Indonesia        [HT 0-4]
                   [Ramang (4), Darmadi (2), Djamiat]
21-4 Manila      Manila Interport        0-5 Indonesia        
                   [Sugiono, Djamiat, Wim Pie, Ing Hien (2)]

25-4 Hong Kong   Hongkong Interport XI   1-4 Indonesia        [HT 0-2]
                   [N.N. 64; Ramang 17, 59, Djamiat 40, San Liong 82]
26-4 Hong Kong   Hong Kong Selection     2-3 Indonesia        [HT 1-2]
                   [McGregor 14, Lau Yee 59pen; Ramang 17, 37, Darmadi 68]
29-4 Hong Kong   Combined Chinese        1-5 Indonesia        [HT 0-0]
                   [Chu Wing-keung 79pen; Ramang 59, 62, 65, San Liong 67,
                    Chaeruddin 90; fourth goal also credited to Djamiat]
30-4 Hong Kong   South Korea             3-1 Indonesia        [HT 1-1]
                   [goal Indonesia: Djamiat 25; Djamiat missed penalty 55]

 2-5 Bangkok     Chaisot                 2-6 Indonesia
 3-5 Bangkok     Thai Royal Air Force    0-7 Indonesia        [HT 0-4]

GK: Nol van der Vin (Jakarta), Maulwi Saelan (Bandung)
FB: Chaeruddin Siregar (Jakarta), Anas (Bandung), Sardjiman (Yogyakarta)
HB: Sidhi (Surabaya), Marsidik (Surabaya), Tan Liong Houw (Jakarta),
    Saderan (Surabaya), Ramlan Jatim (Medan)
FW: Andi Ramang (Makassar), Tee San Liong (Surabaya), Bho Ing Hien (Surabaya),
    Kho Thiam Goan (Surabaya), Tjoa Hok "Wim" Pie (Jakarta),
    Djamiat Dalhar (Jakarta), Darmadi (Solo), Sugiono (Jakarta)
coach: Choo Seng Quee (Singapore)

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Sources: [Sae 70], newspapers: Straits Times, China Mail, Java-bode, Preangerbode, Nieuwsgier, De vrije pers, Nieuwsblad voor Sumatra

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