Ferroviário (Lourenço Marques) tour of Asia 1955/56

Ferroviário, reigning champions of the district league of Lourenço Marques, the capital of Mozambique, then a Portuguese colony, made a tour of Asia at the end of 1955 and the beginning of 1956. The team was often simply described as Mozambique and their match on December 24th against Indonesia is sometimes seen as a full international. However, De Nieuwsgier and the Java-bode identified them as "Ferrovario" or "Ferroviaro" and the Preangerbode named them as "Clube Ferrovarrio de Mozambique" (both the Java-bode and the Preangerbode occasionally used the spelling Ferroviario as well).

A newspaper article on December 24th, 1955 in De Nieuwsgier listed the following additional results of Ferroviário "in international matches in the last two years": a 2-2 draw against Djurgårdens IF (in the beginning of 1955), a 1-3 loss against Dundee, a 1-2 loss against Newcastle United, a 3-0 win against South Africa, a 2-0 win against South Transvaal and a 3-0 win against North Transvaal.
The same article also claimed that 4 Ferroviário players were part of the Portugal national side which beat England 3-1 "in Lisbon last summer" (a match actually played on May 22nd, 1955, in Oporto). However, that information is clearly wrong given the squad list published in the same paper on December 13th (see below); the Portuguese line-up against England contained 3 players born in Portuguese East Africa (and 1 in Angola): goalkeeper Alberto da Costa Pereira (then under contract at Benfica in Lisbon), forward Sebastião Lucas da Fonseca, nicknamed "Matateu" (then under contract at Belenenses, also in Lisbon), and finally midfielder Júlio Cernadas Pereira, nicknamed Juca (then under contract at Lisbon side Sporting). None of them were in Indonesia with Ferroviário.

Match Overview

NB: there may have been other matches, but not in Indonesia.  Ferroviário arrived in Djakarta
    on December 22nd with a flight from Bangkok.  Results in Macao and Saigon were reported
    in the Preangerbode on December 24th (incorrectly in the case of the Macao match, whose
    result was given as 1-3), also including the Hongkong scores, with the "All Hongkong" side 
    incorrectly identified as "Europeans", suggesting Ferroviário played no other matches prior
    to arriving in Djakarta.

Date     Venue            Hosts                      Score

 3-12-55 Hongkong         All Hongkong                2-1 Ferroviário     [HT: 2-1]
 4-12-55 Hongkong         Hongkong Selection          1-1 Ferroviário     [HT: 1-1]
 7-12-55 Hongkong         Combined Chinese            3-0 Ferroviário     [HT: 1-0]
10-12-55 Macao            Macao                       2-3 Ferroviário     [HT: 2-2]
  -12-55 Saigon           N.N.                        0-0 Ferroviário
  -12-55 Saigon           N.N.                        0-0 Ferroviário
  -12-55 Saigon           N.N.                        1-1 Ferroviário
24-12-55 Djakarta         Indonesia                   2-2 Ferroviário     [HT: 1-2]
25-12-55 Bandung          PSSI Harapan                4-1 Ferroviário     [HT: 0-0]
28-12-55 Padang           PSP                         5-1 Ferroviário     [HT: 2-0]
31-12-55 Surabaja         Persibaja                   2-3 Ferroviário     [HT: 2-0]
 1- 1-56 Solo             Indonesia B                 2-4 Ferroviário     [HT: 1-1]
 3- 1-56 Djakarta         Persidja                    5-3 Ferroviário     [HT: 2-0]
 unknown Goa              Goa                         2-2 Ferroviário
 unknown Goa              Goa                         1-5 Ferroviário

Squad Ferroviário

NB: as listed in De Nieuwsgier on December 13, 1955 (all accents added); last number between
    brackets indicates age.

Players (18):

GK Severindo da Conceição (23) [first name later also reported as Saverino, Se(i)verino]
   Octávio Augusto César de Sá (20)
DF Raul Franco (left back, 26)
   Francisco M. Ribeiro Pontes (right back, 27)
MF João Gouveia Campelo (left half, 25)
   Hernani Pereiza da Silva (mid half or left half, 20) [matronymic presumably Pereira]
   Armado Ferreira da Silva (mid half, 22) [first name presumably Armando]
   Constancio Roque Ferreira (mid half, 22)
   Augusto de M. Onofre (right half, 23)
FW Cândido da Silva Veiga (outside left, captain and coach, 35)
   Fernanda M. Dias Teixeira (outside left or outside right, 20) [first name presumably Fernando]
   Angelo S. de Nascimento Fernandes (outside left or centre forward, 26)
   Ismael Amaral (inside left, 22) 
   Fernando Ventura Lage (inside left or inside right, 29)
   Jorge da Costa Viana (inside left or inside right, 31)
   Ilido F.S. Torpe do Vale (centre forward, 23)
   João da Costa Pires (centre forward, inside left or inside right, 20)
   António A. D. Senra (outside right, 25)

Available Match Details

All Hongkong                2-1 Ferroviário

Dec 3, Hongkong, Hongkong Stadium; ref: Major A.C.A. Walker

All Hongkong: Wai Fat-Kim; Szeto Yiu, Lau Yee; Chan Fai-Hung, Ko Po-Keung, Chow Man-Chi;
              Szeto Man, Chu Wing-Keung, Yiu Cheuk-Yin, Au Chi-Yin, Mok Chun-Wah
Ferroviário: De Sá; Pontes, Franco; Onofre, Armando da Silva, Campelo; Senra, Lage,
             Do Vale, Amaral, Veiga

Goals: 28' Chu Wing-Keung 1-0, 33' Mok Chun-Wah 2-0, 38' Veiga 2-1
Half-Time: 2-1
NB: this match coincided with the opening of the stadium

Hongkong Selection          1-1 Ferroviário

Dec 4, Hongkong, Hongkong Stadium

Hongkong Selection: Tam Nai-Huen; Bau Chi-Ping, Sit Pei-Yin [c]; McInnes, Lau Tim, Chan Chi-Kong;
                    Yeung Wai-To, Lau Chi-Lam, Morris, White, Szeto Sum
Ferroviário: Alves; Pontes, Franco; Onofre, Armando da Silva, Ferreira; Teixeira, Viana,
             Lage, Amaral (~40' Senra), Veiga (~40' Fernandes)

Goals: 33' White 1-0, 44' Onofre (pen) 1-1
Half-Time: 1-1

Combined Chinese            3-0 Ferroviário

Dec 7, Hongkong

Combined Chinese: Tam Nai-Huen; Szeto Yiu, Lau Yee; Chan Fai-Hung, Ng Wai-Man, Chow Man-Chi;
                  Ho Ying-Fun, Yiu Cheuk-Yin, Chu Wing-Keung, Mok Chun-Wah, Hau Ching-To
Ferroviário: De Sá; Pontes, Franco; Onofre, Armando da Silva, Campelo; Senra, Do Vale,
             Lage, Amaral, Veiga

Goals: 41' Chu Wing-Keung 1-0, 59' Mok Chun-Wah 2-0, Mok Chun Wah 3-0
Half-Time: 1-0
NB: Amaral left the field due to injury at 52'

Macao                       2-3 Ferroviário

Dec 10, Macao, Campo Desportivo 28 de Maio

Goals: Joăo Rocha (2) - Pires (2), Lage
Half-Time: 2-2

Indonesia                   2-2 Ferroviário

Dec 24, Djakarta, Ikada Stadion; ref: Moh. Sarim (linesmen: Wensveen, Van Yperen)

Indonesia: Saelan (Makassar); Rasjid (Medan), Him Tjiang (Djakarta); Ramlan (Medan), 
           Kiat Sek (Djakarta), Liong Houw (Djakarta); Witarsa (Bandung), Phoa Sian Liong (Surabaja)
           [~20' San Liong (Surabaja)], Ramli (Medan), Djamiat (Djakarta), Hamdani (Djakarta)
Ferroviário: Da Conceição (another report lists De Sa; possibly there was a substitution);
             Pontes, Franco; Onofre, Hernani da Silva, Campelo [46' C.Ferreira]; Do Vale,
             Senra, Pires, Lage, Teixeira

Goals: 8' Campelo 0-1 (another report credits Franco), 30' Pires 0-2, 38' Ramli 1-2,
       53' Djamiat 2-2
Half-Time: 1-2

PSSI Harapan                4-1 Ferroviário

Dec 25, Bandung, Sidoligveld; ref: Wensveen (Djakarta); att: 8,000

PSSI Harapan: Paidjo (Malang); Saelan (Djakarta), Sutarto (Solo); Rukma (Bandung), Marjoso (Pati),
              Ramlan (Surabaja); Ade (Bandung), Kian An (Semarang), Sukiran (Semarang), 
              Sahetapy (Surabaja) [46' Omo (Bandung)], Arsjan (Medan) [46' Jusran (Semarang)]
              NB: Harapan means hope; the team essentially was a youth selection
Ferroviário: Da Conceição; Hernani da Silva, Franco; Lage, C.Ferreira, Campelo;
             Fernandes, Viana, Pires, Amaral, Teixeira

Goals: 68' Teixeira 0-1, 73' Sukiran 1-1, Jusran 2-1, 88' Jusran 3-1, 89' Rukma 4-1
Half-Time: 0-0

PSP                         5-1 Ferroviário

Dec 28, Padang, Banteng Stadion

PSP included: Amir (keeper) [75' Zainuddin (keeper)], Arifin (centre forward),
              Nong (inside right), Nazarwin (centre half)
Goals: 15' NN 1-0, 36' Arifin 2-0, 54' Nong 3-0, 56' Arifin 4-0, 87' Nazarwin 5-0,
       90' NN 5-1

Half-Time: 2-0
NB: first ever win PSP over foreign visitors

Persibaja                   2-3 Ferroviário

Dec 31, Surabaja, Tambaksari Stadion

Goals: Sukiran 1-0, Sukiran 2-0, Pires 2-1, Pires 2-2, Pires 2-3
Half-Time: 2-0

Indonesia B                 2-4 Ferroviário

Jan 1, Solo, Sriwedari Stadion

Indonesia B: Djudju (Padang); Latandang (Makassar), Idris (Padang); Rukma (Bandung), Marjoso (Pati)
             [46' Lateko (Bandung)], Willy (Padang); Sjamsuddin (Medan), Kian An (Semarang)
             [46' Danu (Semarang)], Djamiat (Djakarta), San Liong (Surabaja), Anwar Daulay (Medan)
Ferroviário: Da Conceição; Onofre, Franco; C.Ferreira, Armando da Silva, Campelo;
             Teixeira, Viana [46' Lage], Pires, Amaral, Veiga [46' Senra]

Goals: 17' Sjamsuddin 1-0, 30' Viani 1-1, 60' Amaral 1-2, 70' Anwar Daulay 2-2, 72' Lage 2-3,
       85' Senra 2-4
Half-Time: 1-1

Persidja                    5-3 Ferroviário

Jan 3, Djakarta, Ikada Stadion

Persidja: Davies; Saelan [46' Chaeruddin], Him Tjiang; Bandi, Kiat Sek, Liong Houw;
          Wim Pie, Amirsjah [46' Hamdani], Djamiat, Pattipeilohy, Hong Sing
Ferroviário: De Sa; Pontes, Franco; Pereira, Armando da Silva, Campelo; Ferreira, Onofre, 
             Pires, Amaral, Veiga

Goals: 10' Pattipeilohy 1-0, Wim Pie 2-0, 46' Wim Pie 3-0, 50' Djamiat 4-0, 53' Djamiat 5-0,
       53' Pires (pen) 5-1, 75' Onofre 5-2, 88' Veiga 5-3
Half-Time: 2-0

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