Gabon - List of Women Champions

Ligue National
NB: contested by club teams; the 2023 edition apparently is the first

2023/24   abandoned

Championnat National
NB: contested by provincial selections; the 2015 edition was the first

2015    Estuaire             6-2 Haut-Ogooué
2016    Nyanga               2-1 Woleu-Ntem   
2017    Estuaire I           bt  Estuaire II 
2018      not held
2019    Woleu-Ntem           2-1 Estuaire 

Number of Wins (4; lost finals between square brackets)

 2 [ 1] Estuaire       

 1 [ 1] Woleu-Ntem     
 1      Nyanga         

   [ 1] Estuaire II
   [ 1] Haut-Ogooué    

NB: in 2009, the Tournoi de football féminin "Jeanne Marie Ossey Mondey",
    a fore-runner of this tournament, was won by Estuaire.

Gabon is divided into 9 provinces:

Name (Capital)                    Provincial Selection aka  

Estuaire (Libreville)             Requins du Como
Haut-Ogooué (Franceville)         Mbilasuku
Moyen-Ogooué (Lambaréné)          Evizo
Ngounié (Mouila)                  Stade Mbombet
Nyanga (Tchibanga)                Munadji 76
Ogooué-Ivindo (Makokou)           Aigles de Bélinga
Ogooué-Lolo (Koulamoutou)         Bagnoughi Ba Lolo
Ogooué-Maritime (Port-Gentil)     Stade Mandji
Woleu-Ntem (Oyem)                 Tout Puissant Odzamboga

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