Gabon 1976/77

Championnat National

The 1976/77 was to be the first with a national championship playoff, to be 
contested by the 9 provincial champions, which were divided over 4 groups,
of which the winners were to play a single round robin.

Fixtures announced for Group Stage 

Zone A (all matches in Franceville)
champions Estuaire:           Vautour Club Mangoungou de Libreville
champions Nyanga:             CS Ngando de Tchibanga
champions Ogooué-Maritime:    AS Comaco de Port-Gentil 

[Jul 20]
VC Mangoungou    -  CS Ngando 
[Jul 22]
AS Comaco        -  CS Ngando 
[Jul 24]
VC Mangoungou    -  AS Comaco       

Zone B (one match in Oyem)
champions Haut-Ogooué:        Mangasport de Moanda
champions Ogooué-Invindo:     Cyclone Sportif (du lycée d'Etat) de Makokou

[Jul 20]
Mangasport       -  Cyclone

Zone C (one match in Port-Gentil)
champions Ogooué-Lolo:        CS Koto de Koula-Moutou
champions Ngounié:            Canon 106 de Mouila

[Jul 20]
CS Koto          -  Canon 106

Zone D (one match in Mouila)
champions Woleu-Ntem:         AS LEO d'Oyem 
champions Moyen-Ogooué:       AS Fanguinovény de Lambaréné

[Jul 20]
AS LEO           -  AS Fanguinovény

NB: LEO = Lycée d'Etat d'Oyem

However, the tournament never took place (possibly because some of the provincial
leagues had not been finished regularly and their championship was under dispute).  
Vautour Club entered the 1978 African Champions' Cup, presumably by virtue of their
championship in the Ligue d'Estuaire.

Coupe du Gabon

NB: 17th edition

Semifinals [Aug 15]
AS Comaco       2-1 Woleu-Ntem
VC Mangoungou   2-1 Moyen-Ogooué   

Final [Aug 17, stade omnisports Président Bongo, Libreville]
VC Mangoungou   1-0 AS Comaco       [aet]

NB: VC Mangoungou represented Estuaire;
    AS Comaco represented Ogooué-Maritime


NB: tournament apparently organised to determine entrants in African Cup Winners' Cup;
    entry criteria not clear (presumably determined by federation).

[Oct 8]
Anges ABC       3-0 AS Comaco
FC 105          3-1 AC Evizo
[Oct 10]
Anges ABC       1-0 AC Evizo        
CSB             3-3 AS Comaco       
[Oct 12]
AS Comaco       1-2 AC Evizo        
FC 105          0-0 CSB
[Oct 14]
FC 105          2-1 AS Comaco       
Anges ABC       2-2 CSB
[Oct 16]
AC Evizo        3-3 CSB
Anges ABC       1-0 FC 105          

Final Table:

 1.Anges ABC (Libreville)                4   3  1  0   7- 2   7
 2.FC 105 (Libreville)                   4   2  1  1   5- 3   5
 3.Cercle Sportif Batavéa (Libreville)   4   0  4  0   8- 8   4
 4.AC Evizo (Lambaréné)                  4   1  1  2   6- 8   3
 5.AS Comaco (Port-Gentil)               4   0  1  3   5-10   1

However, FC 105 protested against Anges ABC and eventually obtained Gabon's
place in the 1978 Cup Winners' Cup.


list of champions

list of cup winners

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