Guinea Bissau 1986/87

Campeonato Nacional

First stage

Round 3 [Nov 9]
Grupo A
Benfica Bissau		9-1 Atlético Bissoră
FC Tombali		4-1 FC Quinara
UDIB Bissau		3-0 Balantas Mansôa
Estrela Negra Bissau	n/p Estrela Negra Bolama	[EN Bolama dns]
Grupo B
FC Canchungo		1-0 Desportivo Gabu
Bula FC			3-0 Ajuda Sport
Desportivo Farim	1-0 Sporting Bissau
Sporting Bafatá		2-0 Ténis Clube Bissau

Round 7
Grupo B
Bula FC			4-3 Sporting Bissau

Round 14 [May 10]
Grupo A
UDIB Bissau		2-1 Estrela Negra Bissau
Benfica Bissau		3-0 FC Tombali
Atlético Bissoră	3-0 Estrela Negra Bolama
FC Quinara		3-0 Balantas Mansôa
Grupo B
Sporting Bissau		1-3 Bula FC
Ajuda Sport		3-4 Sporting Bafatá
Desportivo Gabu		3-0 Ténis Clube Bissau
Desportivo Farim	2-1 FC Canchungo


Grupo A
 1.Benfica Bissau	  26 qualified
 2.UDIB Bissau		  21
 3.Estrela Negra Bissau	  20 [aka FARP]
 4.FC Tombali		  14
 5.Atlético Bissoră	  10
 6.Estrela Negra Bolama	  10 relegated
 7.Balantas Mansôa	   6 relegated
 8.FC Quinara		   5 relegated

Grupo B
 1.Sporting Bafatá	  24 qualified
 2.Desportivo Gabu	  21
 3.Sporting Bissau	  17
 4.Bula FC		  14
 5.Desportivo Farim	  13
 6.Ajuda Sport		   8 relegated
 7.FC Canchungo		   6 relegated
 8.Ténis Clube Bissau	   6 relegated

NB: Next season will be the first that 2nd level took place.

Final [May 16]
Sporting Clube de Bafatá 2-2 Sport Bissau e Benfica	[3-2 aet]

Taça Nacional

Quarterfinals [Apr 12]
Sporting Bissau		3-1 Ténis Clube Bissau
Benfica Bissau		2-1 UDIB Bissau
Desportivo Gabu		2-1 Sporting Bafatá
Bula FC			1-0 Balantas Mansôa

Sporting Bissau		bt  Desportivo Gabu
Bula FC			bt  Benfica Bissau

Final [May 17, Estádio Lino Correia, Bissau]]
Sporting Bissau	        3-1 Bula FC



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