Genoa Cricket & Football Club - Short Historical Overview 1893-1960

Genoa Cricket & Football Club
City: Genua, Italy
Colours: garnet (red) and blue halves /blue/blue with garnet hoops

Current position:  Italian Championship Serie B 2003-2004.


1893 September, 7th. Charles De Grave Sells, S. Green, G. Blake, W. Riley,
     D.G. Fawcus, Sandys, E. De Thierry, Jonathan Summerhill Senior and Junior,
     and the British Diplomat Sir Charles Alfred Payton gave birth to A 
     BRITISH SOCCER'S CLUB abroad: the Genoa Cricket & Athletic Club (G&AC).
     The shirts were all white (like England's own) with the City's badge on 
     the left (a red cross over a white field)/black/black. No Italians were
     admitted to the teams. The first field for playing football was granted 
     by two Scottish managers who owned a factory in Sampierdarena District:
     Mr Wilson and Mr. Mc Laren. The field was the Piazza d'Armi of the Campasso.

1893-95 The Club played Cricket often challenging British Ships' Crews,
     which were in Harbour.

1896 Arrived in Genua Mr. James Richardson Spensley, considered the Founder
     of Italian Soccer. He started the soccer's branch. He played as a
     goalkeeper, but was a low-skilled one.

1897 The Genoa Council stated the admission of Italian Members in the Club.
     A new field was found in the former Velodrome of Ponte Carrega.

1898 First friendly matches: 
     C&AC Genoa - mixed International Torino and FBC Torinese 0-1 at Ponte Carrega. 
     C&AC Genoa - Unione Pro Sport Alessandria 2-0 in Alessandria; 
     C&AC Genoa - FBC Liguria 4-2 (and 4-1 in Autumn); 
     the Club won two matches against the HMS Clementine Crew but lost the 
     match Vs. HMS Revenge (the crew of a famous Dreadnought).
     The Club promoted the Foundation of FIF (Federation Italienne du Football)
     in March, 15th and 26th.
     I Categoria FIF - CHAMPION -
     May, 8th in Torino (during the International Expo for the 50th Anniversary
     of the Savoy's Constitution Act or Statuto Albertino) Genoa became the 
     first official Italian Soccer's Champion.
     At the Torino's Velodrome of Porta Susa: 
     C&AC Genoa - SG Torinese 2-1 in the morning; 
     C&AC Genoa - FBC International Torino 2-1 aet. 
     Formation: Dr. James R. Spensley (cap.), Ernesto De Galleani, Fausto 
     Ghigliotti, Ernesto Pasteur II, Bocciardo, Bertollo, Le Pelley, Ettore 
     Ghiglione, Edward Dapples, William Baird, Robert Leaver.


1899 The Club took the name of Genoa Cricket & Football Club (C&FC) leaving
     Athletics. The shirts now were white-blue (vertical stripes)/blue/blue.
     I Categoria FIF - CHAMPION -
     In the Championship Genoa played directly the Final, thus in March, the 
     26th won a preliminary  match against FBC Liguria.
     Ponte Carrega Genua 16.4.1899 C&FC Genoa - FBC International Torino 2-0
     (some tell of a 3-1 result). 
     Formation of the Champions:  Spensley, P. Rossi, De Galleani, Ghigliotti,
     Pasteur I, Passadoro, Walter Agar, Bocciardo, Edward Dapples, Henman, 

1900 I Categoria FIF - CHAMPION - Earned the "Duca degli Abruzzi"'s Cup
     (three Championships won).
     Unofficial Preliminary Round: C&FC Genoa - SG Sampierdarenese 7-0;
     Final 22/4/1900 in Torino at the Velodrome "Umberto I" of Porta Susa:
     C&FC Genoa - FBC Torinese 1-0 (3-1 for other sources); 
     Formation: Dr. James R. Spensley, (Cap.), Paolo Rossi, Fausto Ghigliotti,
     Edward Dapples, Edoardo Pasteur I, F. Passadoro, Hermann Bauer, Bocciardo,
     Ettore Ghiglione, Walter Agar, G.C. Fawcus.


1901 Genoa wore garnet-blue shirts (halves) and began the "rossoblu" Legend.
     Began the Championship's three-yearly Fawcus Cup offered by Dan Fawcus 
     at that time Genoa's President.
     I Categoria FIF - second -
     Final: 5/5/1901 at Ponte Carrega: C&FC Milan - C&FC Genoa 3-0. 
     (Scorers: Herbert Kilpin, Franco Negretti (2). Ref.: Ghiglione of Torino). 
     Formation: James R. Spensley, Fausto Ghigliotti, Ernesto Pasteur II, 
     F. Passadoro, Edoardo Pasteur I, Paolo Rossi, Walter Agar, Bocciardo,
     Francesco Calì, Henry Dapples, Delamare.

1902 Genoa founded the first Soccer's Youth School (in Italian "Vivaio") for
     under 16 years-old boys.
     I Categoria FIF - CHAMPION -
     Preliminary Group Ligure-Lombardo: 
     Genua 9/3/1902 C&FC Genoa - SG Andrea Doria 3-1; 
     Genua 16/3/1902: C&FC Genoa - SEF Mediolanum 2-0. 
     Semifinal in Torino 6/4/1902: C&FC Genoa - FBC Torinese 4-3 (3-3 at 
     the 90' - 1-0 after e.t.).
     Final 29/4/1902 at Ponte Carrega in Genua: C&FC Genoa - C&FC Milan 2-0
     (scorers Salvadè - Ernest Pasteur II; Ref.: Savage Tours of Torino).
     Formation: James R. Spensley, Paolo Rossi, Fausto Ghigliotti, Edoardo
     Pasteur (I), Senft, F. Passadoro, Walter Agar, Attilio Salvadè, Henry
     Dapples, Alfredo Cartier, Ernesto Pasteur (II).

1903 Genoa played the first International Matches of an Italian Team: C&FC
     Genoa - Football Velo Club Nice (France) 6-0 at Ponte Carrega and 3-0 on
     April, 27th in Nice. Genoa's Player Henry Dapples offered the Palla 
     Dapples (so called because it wasn't a classical Cup but a silver ball 
     with the same measures and weight of the official balls) beginning the 
     history of hard challenging Tournaments to earn the "Ball". Every year 
     a Club gained the Ball. The Challenge lasted for 6 years (and 47 matches).
     Every year a Team took home the Ball (Milan, Juventus, Torino, Pro 
     Vercelli, Andrea Doria, Unione Sportiva Milanese) and the last was (1909) 
     (Note: the Palla Dapples was officially paid back to Genoa by AC Milan
     President Silvio Berlusconi in 2002).
     I Categoria FIF - CHAMPION -
     Genua Monday 20/4/1903 (at Ponte Carrega) C&FC Genoa - FBC Juventus 3-0
     (scorers: Walter Agar, Henry Dapples, Bollinger own-goal. Ref.: Sutter
     of Milano). 
     Formation: James R. Spensley, Paolo Rossi, Ernesto Pasteur (II),
     Edoardo Pasteur (I), Senft, F. Passadoro, Giovanni Foffani, Henry Dapples,
     Etienne Bugnion, Montando, Walter Agar

1904 Genoa promoted the organization of the II Categoria Tournament. That
     wasn't a second level Championship but a sort of "Primavera" Tournament
     organized for the second ranks of the I Categoria Teams. (II Categoria
     FIF - winner C&FC Genoa B "Reserve").
     I Categoria FIF - CHAMPION -
     Final Genua 27/3/1904: C&FC Genoa - FBC Juventus 1-0 
     (scorer: 65' Bugnion. Ref.: Dobbie of Torino). 
     Formation: James R. Spensley, Etienne Bugnion, Paolo Rossi, Scholler, 
     Senft, Edoardo Pasteur (I), Attilio Salvadè, Vieri Gotzloff, Walter Agar,
     Ernesto Pasteur (II), Pellerani.
     Genoa gained the Fawcus Cup. An other Cup was offered by James R. Spensley
     replacing the preceding one.

1905 I Categoria FIF - second with 5 pts. - Preliminary - Group Liguria: 
     Genua 5/2/1905 SG Andrea Doria - C&FC Genoa 0-0: 
     Genua 12/2/1905 SG Andrea Doria - C&FC Genoa 1-1 ;
     Playoff - Genua 19/2/1905 SG Andrea Doria - C&FC Genoa 0-1;
     Genua 12.3.1905 C&FC Genoa - FBC Juventus 1-1; 
     Milano 19.3.1905 US Milanese -  C&FC Genoa 2-3; 
     Torino 2.4.1905 FBC Juventus - C&FC Genoa 1-1;
     Genua 9.4.1905 C&FC Genoa - US Milanese 2-2.

1906 I Categoria FIF - third with 2 pts. - Preliminary Group 1 (Liguria):
     7/1/1906: C&FC Genoa - SG Andrea Doria 3-1;
     14/1/1906: SG Andrea Doria - C&FC Genoa 0-1;
     Final Group: 
     21/1/1906 C&FC Genoa - FBC Juventus 1-1; 
     4/3/1906 C&FC Genoa - C&FC Milan  2-2; 
     18/3/1906 FBC Juventus - C&FC Genoa abandoned match at 0-1.
     It was the first Italian pitch Invasion by Supporters.
     1/4/1906 FBC Juventus - C&FC Genoa 2-0 (repeated match); 
     8/4/1906 C&FC Milan - C&FC Genoa 2-0 (forfeit. Genoa was over).

1907 I Categoria FIF - eliminated. with 1 pt. -
     Group 1 (Liguria): 13/1/1907 C&FC Genoa - SG Andrea Doria 1-1; 
                        3/2/1907 SG Andrea Doria - C&FC Genoa  3-1.
     The field at Ponte Carrega was abandoned for a new ground in the San
      Gottardo's District.

1908 FIF agreed to Federal Gymnastics protests forbidding to utilize foreign
     players. Genoa, Milan FBC Torino and FC Firenze disagreed. So Genoa 
     didn't play in FIF Tournaments. C&FC Milan issued a formal protest 
     telling that the exclusion didn't permit to challenge for the Spensley's
     three-yearly Cup. To avoid a sharp escalation in protests and secessions
     by other teams, FIF awarded that Cup to Milan, in 1909 with the decisive
     agreement of Genoa's Staff.

1909 FIF returned on her decision. Genoa was reorganized with new players
     (some from the Youngs like forward Marassi called "Catapult" and back
     Luigi Ferraris, which gave the modern name of Genua's Stadium - some
     from Switzerland's League like he three "H"s, Hug, Herzog and Hermann)
     I Categoria FIF - out in the Semifinals.
     Preliminary Group 1 (Liguria): 
     17/1/1909: SG Andrea Doria - C&FC Genoa 1-1;
     7/2/1909 C&FC Genoa - SG Andrea Doria 3-3; 
     playoff 21/2/1909 SG Andrea Doria - C&FC Genoa 1-2.
     Semifinal Rounds:
     21/3/1909 SG Pro Vercelli - C&FC Genoa 3-2;
     27/3/1909 C&FC Genoa - SG Pro Vercelli 1-1

1909-10 I Categoria FIF - 5th with 15 pts.
        On 1910 July, 14th a new soccer's field was opened in Marassi District
        (officially christened in 1911, January 22th) boasting 25000 seats,
        very British for the time.

1910-11 I Categoria FIF - Preliminary Group 1 (Liguria, Piemonte, Lombardia):
        Genoa 5th with 14 pts.

1911-12 I Categoria FIF - Preliminary Group 1 (Liguria, Piemonte, Lombardia):
        Genoa third with 14 pts. On July, 30th the British Trainer William
        Garbutt took Genoa. He was the first professional Manager in Italy.
        Great charisma and hard pipe-smoker, Garbutt was called the "Mister"
        by the players. So began the Italian use of calling Coaches-Managers
        with the term: Mister.

1912-13 I Categoria FIF - Northern Italy Preliminary Group 2 (Liguria,
        Lombardia): Genoa second with 16 pts.
        Northern Semifinals: third with 11 pts. 
        In Summer Geo Davidson, Scottish, became President beginning to hire
        players like the famous back Renzo De Vecchi and others from Andrea 
        Doria. FIF Rules didn't allow to pay for hire players, so a great
        Trial began against Genoa.

1913-14 I Categoria FIF - Northern Italy Preliminary Group 1 (Liguria, 
        Piemonte): Genoa winner with 31 pts. as FBC Casale. 
        Northern Semifinals: second with 14 pts. behind FBC Casale (16).
        During the Federal Trial, FIF's Lawyers asked for the radiation of
        the Club and for life-banning of its players. Eduard Pasteur, the
        former center-back of the Team, defended Genoa avoiding penalties. For
        Italy that Trial was a "bomb" like was recent "Bosman affair" for the
        current Soccer.

1914-15 I Categoria FIF - CHAMPION
        Northern Italy Preliminary Group A: winner with 18 pts.
        Northern Semifinals Group A: winner Genoa with 10 pts.
        Final Group: the tournament was suspended due to the war; the matches
        Genoa - Torino and Milan - Internazionale were not played. Genoa at 
        the time of Declaration of War was first with 7 pts. So FIF awarded
        the Club with the title of Champion of Italy.
        Formation: Rolla, Casanova, De Vecchi, Pella, Magni, Leale, Wallsingham,
        Berardo, Sardi, Santamaria, Mariani.

1915-16 Coppa Federale Group E: Genoa winner with 6 pts. Final Group: 4th
        with 9 pts.

1916-17 Coppa Liguria: winner with 14 pts.

1917-18 No official activity. The Great War had requested an hard tribute in
        human lives. Genoa's players who died in the War were: Luigi Ferraris,
        the goalkeeper Adolfo Gnecco, Catapult Carlo Marassi, forward Alberto
        Sussone and the back Claudio Casanova. But that deadly War took also 
        the Red-Blue Flag, James R. Spensley, dead in Germany, prisoner.

1919-20 I Categoria FIF - third in Finals with 1 pt.
        Northern Italy Preliminary Group Liguria: winner with 19 pts. 
        Semifinal Group A: winner with 19 pts. Finals: 
        Milano 16.5.20 FBC Juventus - C&FC Genoa 3-2:
        Torino 6.6.20 FBC Internazionale Milano - C&FC Genoa 1-1.

1920-21 Northern Italy Preliminary Group Liguria: second with 19 pts.
        Semifinals Group A: second with 6 pts.

1921-22 I Categoria CCI Group B - winner with 37 pts. Final 
        7/5/22: Pro Vercelli - Genoa 0-0; 
        repeated on 14/5/22: Genoa - Pro Vercelli 1-2

1922-23 I Division Northern League Group B: winner with 39 pts. Final Group
        North: winner with 7 pts. Final (formal) 
        15/7/1923 Genoa - Lazio 4-1;
        22/7/1923 Lazio - Genoa  0-2.
        Formation: De Prà, Bellini, De Vecchi, Barbieri, Burlando, Leale,
        Neri, Moruzzi, Catto, Santamaria, Bergamino.

1923-24 I Division Northern League Group A: winner with 33 pts. 1st
        Divisione North Finals:
        Genua 15 June 1924 Genoa - Bologna 1-0;
        Bologna 22 June 1924 Bologna - Genoa 1-1 (the Match ended at 84' for 
        riots and result deleted. The federation give the 2-0 "a tavolino"
        victory to Genoa.)
        National Finals: 
        Genua 31 August 1924: Genoa - Savoia Torre Annunziata 3-1;
        Torre Annunziata 7 September 1924: Savoia - Genoa 1-1;
        Formation: De Prà, Bellini, De Vecchi, Barbieri, Burlando, Leale,
        Neri, Moruzzi, Catto, Santamaria, Mariani
        ITALIAN CHAMPION 1923/24 and for the first time a Team issued the 
        Champion's Badge, the "Scudetto" (a green-white-red shield), on shirts.

1924-25 I Division Northern League Group A: winner with 30 pts. Finals:
        Bologna 24.5.25 Bologna-Genoa 1-2: 
        Genua 31.5.25 Genoa-Bologna 1-2;
        playoff - Milano 7.6.25 Bologna- Genoa 2-2 aet;
        2nd playoff in Torino 5.7.25 Bologna-Genoa 1-1 aet. Before that match
        the trains of opposite supporters crossed in a secondary railway
        station. Some revolver shots were exchanged from the windows; 
        3rd playoff - Milano 9.8.25 no supporters admitted, played at 7.00 AM 
        Bologna-Genoa 2-0.
        I Division - C&FC Genoa second.

1925-26 I Division Group B: third with 28 pts.

1926-27 Divisione Nazionale Group A third with 24 pts. Admitted to the
        Finals. Final Group: 4th with 9 pts.

1927-28 Divisione Nazionale Group A second with 29 pts. Admitted to the
        Finals. Final Group: second with 17 pts. The Club was forced by 
        Fascists to change the (too British) name into Circolo Calcistico
        (CC) Genova 1893 (after AC Genova).

1928-29 Divisione Nazionale Group B 4th con 39 pts. Admitted to the new
        Serie A.

1929-30 Serie A second with 48 pts.

1930-31 Serie A 4th with 47 pts.

1931-32 Serie A 11th with 30 pts.

1932-33 Serie A 8th with 34 pts.

1933-34 Serie A 17th with 24 pts. For the first time the Club was relegated
        to Serie B.

1934-35 Serie B Group A winner with 40 pts. Promoted.

1935-36 Serie A 11th with 28 pts.

1936-37 Serie A 6th with 33 pts.

1937-38 Serie A 4th with 38 pts.

1938-39 Serie A 4th with 35 pts.

1939-40 Serie A 5th with 33 pts.

1940-41 Serie A 9th with 29 pts.

1941-42 Serie A 4th with 37 pts.

1942-43 Serie A 5th with 33 pts.

1943-44 Alta-Italia (Northern Italy) Tournament War Championship Preliminary
        Piemonte - Liguria: 5th with 20 pts. The Club returned to the former 
        name C&FC Genoa.

1944-45 No official matches. Wartime stop. Coppa Città di Genova: winner
        with 14 pts. (second AC Liguria with 13 pts. - other teams were Marina
        Italiana, Itala Genova and Deutsche Kriegsmarine)

1945-46 Alta-Italia Serie A: 12th with 19 pts.

1946-47 Serie A 13th with 36 pts.

1947-48 Serie A 13th with 37 pts.

1948-49 Serie A 7th with 40 pts.

1949-50 Serie A 11th with 34 pts.

1950-51 Serie A 20th with 27 pts. Second relegation to Serie B.

1951-52 Serie B 5th with 42 pts.

1952-53 Serie B winner with 44 pts. Promoted.

1953-54 Serie A 12th with 28 pts.

1954-55 Serie A 10th with 31 pts.

1955-56 Serie A 9th with 33 pts.

1956-57 Serie A 16th with 30 pts.

1957-58 Serie A 12th with 30 pts.

1958-59 Serie A 11th with 30 pts.

1959-60 Serie A 18th with 18 pts. Relegated to Serie B for the third time.

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