Greenland (Women) 1986

Qualifying Phase


NB: in Uummannaq

UB-68       1-0 Malamuk     [aet]

NB: both teams from Uummannaq; UB-68 qualified for final tournament


NB: in Ilulissat

I-69        0-0 Disko-76    [aet, 6-5 pen]

Final Ranking:

 1.I-69 hold I (Ilulissat)
 2.Disko-76 (Qeqertarsuaq)
 3.A-51 (Akunnaaq)
 4.I-69 hold II (Ilulissat)

NB: Ippernaq 53 (Kangaatsiaq) and KB (Kangaatsiaq) apparently did not show

Mesterskabet sluttede (finalestævnet)

NB: played in Nuuk in August;
    I-69 apparently renounced on participating;
    announced as first ever women championship (første dame-GM i fodbold)
    but later declared to have been on trial basis (forsøgsbasis); the
    official count of Greenlandic women championships starts with the 1987 edition.

K‚gssagssuk 1-1 UB-68
K-33        1-1 UB-68
K-33        2-1 K‚gssagssuk

 1.K-33 (Qaqortoq)          2  1  1  0  3- 2  3  Qualified
 2.UB-68 (Uummannaq)        2  0  2  0  2- 2  2  Qualified
 3.K‚gssagssuk (Maniitsoq)  2  0  1  1  2- 3  1  

K-33        1-0 UB-68
  [Stine Egede]

NB: K‚gssagssuk spelled Kaassaassuk in newspaper (which would be the correct
    spelling according to the 1973 orthographic reform, but the club appear
    to have stuck to the traditional way to write the name).


list of champions

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