Greenland 1954/55


NB: first ever edition, organised by the GIF.  Tournament started in 1954 but was only
    finished in November 1955.  In total, 22 clubs registered for the tournament; they
    were usually denoted by their home towns in newspaper reports; however, the two
    finalists were definitely the club sides Nűk and Nagdl˙nguaĸ, and as all known
    participating towns had club sides founded (well) before 1954, those are listed
    below as participants.

Overview known participants

NB: in alphabetical order

Club                                     Home Town

A-43 (┬gssik)                            Narssaĸ (now spelled Narsaq; Danish: Nordprøven)
K-33 (Kigssaviarssuk)                    K'aĸortoĸ (now spelled Qaqortoq; Danish: Julianehåb)
Nagdl˙nguaĸ                              IlulÝssat (now spelled Ilulissat; Danish: Jakobshavn)
Nanoĸ                                    K'utdligssat (now spelled Qullissat; town now abandoned)
N█K                                      Nűk (now spelled Nuuk; Danish: Godthåb)
SAK                                      Sisimiut (Danish: Holsteinsborg)
T-41                                     Ausiait (now spelled Aasiaat; Danish: Egedesminde)

possible participants

┬kavsak                                  Aumarűtigssat (now spelled Aamaruutissat, Danish: Skansen; town now abandoned) 
K'SP                                     K'eĸertarssuaĸ (now spelled Qeqertarsuaq; Danish: Godhavn)

Known results

Pulje I/II (Sydkredsen)

Pulje I Final
A-43          3-2 K-33

Pulje II Final
N█K           3-2 SAK

Sydkredsen Final [Nov 11, 1954, Nűk (Godthåb)]
N█K          15-4 A-43 

NB: N█K to final

Pulje III (Nordkredsen)

NB: on Apr 19, 1954, ┬kavsak (from Aumarűtigssat (modern spelling Aamaruutissat, Danish:
    Skansen); town abandoned in 1965) played K'SP (from K'eĸertarssuaĸ (now spelled
    Qeqertarsuaq; Danish: Godhavn)); it is not clear whether that match was part of the
    on Apr 8, 1955, a team from K'utdligssat (presumably Nanoĸ) won 4-1 against a team 
    from Aumarűtigssat (presumably ┬kavsak); it is not clear whether that match was part
    of the tournament.

Nordkredsen Semifinal
Nanoĸ         2-3 Nagdl˙nguaĸ   [replay; earlier match (3-2) annulled]

Nordkredsen Final
Nagdl˙nguaĸ   7-0 T-41

NB: Nagdl˙nguaĸ to final


[Nov 8, 1955, IlulÝssat (Jakobshavn)]
Nagdl˙nguaĸ  1-17 N█K           [half-time: 1-7]    


list of champions

list of women champions

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