Greenland 1959/60


Overview participants

NB: 34 clubs registered for the tournament; below they are listed in alphabetical order

Club                                     Home Town

A-43 (Āgssik)                            Narssaĸ (now spelled Narsaq; Danish: Nordprøven)
A-51                                     Akśnaĸ (now spelled Akunnaaq)
Arssaĸ                                   Agdluitsup pā (now spelled Alluitsup Paa; Danish: Sydprøven)     
Eĸaluk                                   Ikerasak (Danish: Sundet)
Eĸaluk                                   Tasiussaĸ (now spelled Tasiusaq)
GSS                                      Nūk (now spelled Nuuk; Danish: Godthåb)
Iliarssuk                                K'eĸertarssuatsiait (now spelled Qeqertarsuatsiaat; Danish: Fiskenæsset)
Ķpernaĸ                                  Ilimanaĸ (now spelled Ilimanaq; Danish: Claushavn) 
Isungaĸ                                  Igdlorssuit (now spelled Illorsuit)
K-33 (Kigssaviarssuk)                    K'aĸortoĸ (now spelled Qaqortoq; Danish: Julianehåb)
Kāgssagssuk                              Manītsoĸ (now spelled Maniitsoq; Danish: (Nye) Sukkertoppen)
Kalak                                    Narsarmijit (Danish: Frederiksdal)
Kalāleĸ                                  Niaĸornat (now spelled Niaqornat)
Kapisigdlit                              Kapisigdlit (now spelled Kapisillit)
K'āsuk                                   Kangāmiut (now spelled Kangaamiut; Danish: (Gammel) Sukkertoppen)
Kigtoraĸ                                 Narssaĸ (now spelled Narsaq; Danish: Nordprøven)
K'ingmeĸ                                 Upernavik
K'ingmiaraĸ                              Kuvdlorssuaĸ (now spelled Kullorsuaq)
K'ōrnoĸ                                  K'ōrnoĸ (now spelled Qoornoq; town now abandoned)
K'SP                                     K'eĸertarssuaĸ (now spelled Qeqertarsuaq; Danish: Godhavn)
Kugsak                                   K'asigiįnguit (now spelled Qasigiannguit; Danish: Christianshåb)
Malamuk                                  Ūmįnaĸ (now spelled Uummannaq)
Mķngoĸ                                   Kitsigsuarssuit (now spelled Kitsissuarsuit; Danish: Hunde Ejlande)
Nagdlśnguaĸ                              Ilulķssat (now spelled Ilulissat; Danish: Jakobshavn)
Nagtoralik                               Pāmiut (now spelled Paamiut; Danish: Frederikshåb)
Nanoĸ                                    K'utdligssat (now spelled Qullissat; town now abandoned)
Narssarmiutaĸ                            Angmagssivik (now spelled Ammassivik; Danish: Sletten)
NŪK                                      Nūk (now spelled Nuuk; Danish: Godthåb)
SAK                                      Sisimiut (Danish: Holsteinsborg)
Sapītsoĸ                                 Napassoĸ (now spelled Napasoq)
Siuteroĸ                                 Nanortalik
T-41                                     Ausiait (now spelled Aasiaat; Danish: Egedesminde)
Tusilartoĸ                               Kangeĸ (now spelled Kangeq; town now abandoned)
Uiloĸ                                    Nivāĸ (now spelled Nivaaq)

Available Results

NB: the tournament was played in knock-out format; as the ties were arranged on a regional basis,
    the below division into rounds does not necessarily correspond to the chronological order in
    which the matches were played.  Results are available for 1959 only; by December of that year,
    two clubs (K-33 and Malamuk) had qualified for the semifinals while four others (NŪK vs GSS
    and T-41 vs Nanoĸ) were still to play their quarterfinal ties.

1st Preliminary Round
Kāgssagssuk  12-3 K'āsuk 

2nd Preliminary Round
Tusilartoĸ   18-0 Kigtoraĸ      [result listed 12-0 on match form due to error]
K'ōrnoĸ       bt  Kapisigdlit 
Sapītsoĸ     3-12 Kāgssagssuk
Kugsak        3-2 Ķpernaĸ 

1/16 Finals
Kalak         bye
Siuteroĸ     20-5 Eĸaluk (Tasiussaĸ) 
Narssarmiutaĸ 3-1 Arssaĸ 
K-33         17-4 Agssik
Nagtoralik    1-7 Iliarssuk 
Tusilartoĸ   0-11 NŪK
K'ōrnoĸ      3-20 GSS
Kāgssagssuk   1-5 SAK
Mķngoĸ        o/w A-51          ["u.k." = uden kamp, without playing]
Uiloĸ        0-17 T-41 
K'SP          0-4 Nanoĸ         [replay; first match finished 4-3 but was annulled
Kugsak        1-4 Nagdlśnguaĸ    due to ineligible players K'SP]
Malamuk       5-0 Eĸaluk (Ikerasak)
Kalāleĸ       4-6 Isśngaĸ 
K'ingmeĸ      bye
K'ingmiaraĸ   bye

1/8 Finals
Kalak        0-21 Siuteroĸ
Narssarmiutaĸ 0-3 K-33
Iliarssuk     3-7 NŪK
GSS           3-2 SAK 
A-51          1-2 T-41
Nanoĸ         bt  Nagdlśnguaĸ   ["e.l." = efter lodtrækningen, after drawing lots]
Malamuk       6-0 Isśngaĸ 
K'ingmeĸ     17-2 K'ingmiaraĸ

Siuteroĸ     0-14 K-33
NŪK            -  GSS 
T-41           -  Nanoĸ 
Malamuk       bt  K'ingmeĸ      ["e.l." = efter lodtrækningen, after drawing lots]

K-33           -  NŪK/GSS
T-41/Nanoĸ     -  Malamuk

NB: in a report on the first evening match north of the polar circle in Greenland (on 11 Dec 1967)
    in K'utdligssat, which appeared on 15 Feb 1968, Nanoĸ were explicitly mentioned as the 1960
    champions.  This is confirmed by an interview with Anda Nielsen which appeared in the edition
    of Atuagagdliutit of 23 Feb 1961.  So Nanoĸ certainly won this tournament.
    Moreover, in 1966 (at the start of the 1966/67 edition) it was reported that K-33 and Nanoĸ
    had met each other in the final twice (Nanoĸ winning in 1958 and K-33 in 1964).  However, 
    as the 1958 title is credited to GSS in multiple other sources (including articles on the
    occasions of their wins in 1972 and 1973), it appears likely that the first final referred to
    actually was that of the 1959/60 tournament.  In that case, Nanoĸ must have beaten T-41 in 
    the quarterfinal and Malamuk in the semifinal, whereas K-33 won their semifinal against the
    quarterfinal winners in Nūk (either GSS or NŪK). 
    Therefore one may infer the following sequel to the tournament (unfortunately no reports are to
    be found in the Atuagagdliutit newspaper in 1960):

Quarterfinals [partially inferred]
Siuteroĸ     0-14 K-33
NŪK            -  GSS 
T-41          lt  Nanoĸ 
Malamuk       bt  K'ingmeĸ      ["e.l." = efter lodtrækningen, after drawing lots]

Semifinals [inferred]
K-33          bt  NŪK/GSS
Nanoĸ         bt  Malamuk

Final ["Gamle Sandbane", Godthåb (Nūk)]
Nanoĸ         bt  K-33  

Friendly matches 1959

[Jun 20]
NŪK           9-5 GSS 
[Jul 12]
NŪK           8-1 HMS "Bermuda"
[Jul 13]
GSS II        5-1 HMS "Bermuda"
  [British Ambasssador to Denmark was on the HMS "Bermuda" but did not play]
NŪK          10-6 GSS 
NŪK II        6-7 GSS II 



list of champions

list of women champions

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