Greenland 1963/64


Overview participants

NB: 30 clubs registered for the tournament; below they are listed according to the
    regional division of the GIF; tournament announced as being the 4th edition.

Club                                     Home Town

Pulje I - Kreds A
K'ingmeĸ                                 Upernavik
ASP                                      Augpilagtoĸ (now spelled Aappilattoq; northwestern Greenland)
Teriangniaĸ                              Upernavik Kujatdleq (now spelled Upernavik Kujalleq; Danish: Søndre Upernavik)
Pulje I - Kreds B
Malamuk                                  mnaĸ (now spelled Uummannaq)
Kalleĸ                                  Niaĸornat (now spelled Niaqornat)
Eĸaluk                                   Ikerasak (Danish: Sundet)
Kugsak                                   Uvkusigssat (now spelled Ukkusissat)
Amaroĸ                                   Stut (now spelled Saattut)
Isungaĸ                                  Igdlorssuit (now spelled Illorsuit)
Pulje I - Kreds C
Nanoĸ                                    K'utdligssat (now spelled Qullissat; town now abandoned)
Piniaroĸ                                 Sarĸaĸ (now spelled Saqqaq)

Pulje II - Kreds A
T-41                                     Ausiait (now spelled Aasiaat; Danish: Egedesminde)
K'SP                                     K'eĸertarssuaĸ (now spelled Qeqertarsuaq; Danish: Godhavn)
Nagdlnguaĸ                              Ilulssat (now spelled Ilulissat; Danish: Jakobshavn)
Kugsak                                   K'asiginguit (now spelled Qasigiannguit; Danish: Christianshåb)
Mngoĸ                                   Kitsigsuarssuit (now spelled Kitsissuarsuit; Danish: Hunde Ejlande)
Pulje II - Kreds B
SAK                                      Sisimiut (Danish: Holsteinsborg)
K'suk                                   Kangmiut (now spelled Kangaamiut; Danish: (Gammel) Sukkertoppen)

Pulje III - Kreds A
GSS                                      Nk (now spelled Nuuk; Danish: Godthåb)
Kgssagssuk                              Atangmik (now spelled Atammik)
K'rnoĸ                                  K'rnoĸ (now spelled Qoornoq; town now abandoned)
Pulje III - Kreds B
NK                                      Nk (now spelled Nuuk; Danish: Godthåb)
Iliarssuk                                K'eĸertarssuatsiait (now spelled Qeqertarsuatsiaat; Danish: Fiskenæsset)
Nagtoralik                               Pmiut (now spelled Paamiut; Danish: Frederikshåb)

Pulje IV - Kreds A
K-33 (Kigssaviarssuk)                    K'aĸortoĸ (now spelled Qaqortoq; Danish: Julianehåb)
Pamĸ                                    Arsuk 
Nauja                                    Igaliko (now spelled Igaliku)
A-43 (gssik)                            Narssaĸ (now spelled Narsaq; Danish: Nordprøven)
Pulje IV - Kreds B
Narssarmiutaĸ                            Angmagssivik (now spelled Ammassivik; Danish: Sletten)
K'avak                                   Augpilagtoĸ (now spelled Aappilattoq; southern Greenland)

Qualifying Stage

Pulje I (Nordgrønland)

Kreds A

Winners: K'ingmeĸ (qualified to Nordgrønland semifinal)

Kreds B

Winners: Malamuk (qualified to Nordgrønland semifinal)

Kreds C

Winners: Nanoĸ (qualified to Nordgrønland final)

Nordgrønland Final Tournament

Malamuk     5-1 K'ingmeĸ
Nanoĸ       6-0 Malamuk

NB: Nanoĸ qualified

Pulje II (Diskobugten)

Kreds A

Known results
T-41        8-2 Mngoĸ 
T-41        6-2 Nagdlnguaĸ
T-41        5-2 K'SP 

NB: T-41 qualified for Diskobugten final

Kreds B

SAK         bt  K'suk

NB: SAK qualified for Diskobugten final

Diskobugten Final

SAK         bt  T-41

NB: SAK qualified

Pulje III (Midtgrønland)

Kreds A

GSS         4-3 K'rnoĸ     [aet]

NB: GSS qualified for Midtgrønland final

Kreds B

Nagtoralik  9-0 Iliarssuk
Nagtoralik  4-2 NK

NB: Nagtoralik qualified for Midtgrønland final

Midtgrønland Final

GSS        12-5 Nagtoralik

NB: GSS qualified

Pulje IV (Sydgrønland)

Kreds A

Winners: K-33 (qualified to Sydgrønland final)

Kreds B

Winners: Narssarmiutaĸ (qualified to Sydgrønland final)

Sydgrønland Final

K-33        8-2 Narssarmiutaĸ

NB: K-33 qualified

Final Phase (in Nk)

NB: played in Sep 1964, after the new stadium in Nk (Godthåb) had been completed

[Sep 13]
SAK         4-5 Nanoĸ
[Sep 15?]
K-33        4-3 GSS

Third Place Match
SAK         2-1 GSS

Final [Sep 17]
K-33        4-1 Nanoĸ

NB: in 1966 (at the start of the next tournament) it was reported that this had been
    the second time K-33 and Nanoĸ met in the final, with Nanoĸ having beaten K-33
    in 1958; as multiple other sources credit GSS with the 1958 championship, this
    may in fact refer to the 1959/60 tournament (which was certainly won by Nanoĸ).

Nk Pokalturneringen 1963/64

[Jan 1]
NK           5-5 GSS           [traditional Dec 31/Jan 1 game]
GSS           3-1 NK           
NK           7-6 GSS           
NK           7-7 GSS           
NK           5-4 GSS          

Friendly matches 1964

[Feb 3]
K'rnoĸ       3-5 GSS           

NB: part of a tour by GSS visiting villages near Nk as part of the
    celebrations of their 20th anniversary.



list of champions

list of women champions

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