Greenland 1969


Overview (known) participants

NB: in alphabetical order

Club                                     Home Town

gssik (A-43)                            Narssaĸ (now spelled Narsaq; Danish: Nordprøven)
B-67                                     Nk (now spelled Nuuk; Danish: Godthåb)
G-44                                     K'eĸertarssuaĸ (now spelled Qeqertarsuaq; Danish: Godhavn)
GSS                                      Nk (now spelled Nuuk; Danish: Godthåb)
Iliarssuk                                K'eĸertarssuatsiait (now spelled Qeqertarsuatsiaat; Danish: Fiskenæsset)
K-33                                     K'aĸortoĸ (now spelled Qaqortoq; Danish: Julianehåb)
Kgssagssuk                              Mantsoĸ (now spelled Maniitsoq; Danish: (Nye) Sukkertoppen)
K'ingmeĸ                                 Upernavik
K'SP                                     K'eĸertarssuaĸ (now spelled Qeqertarsuaq; Danish: Godhavn)
Kugsak                                   K'asiginguit (now spelled Qasigiannguit; Danish: Christianshåb)
Malamuk                                  mnaĸ (now spelled Uummannaq)
Nagdlnguaĸ                              Ilulssat (now spelled Ilulissat; Danish: Jakobshavn)
Nagtoralik                               Pmiut (now spelled Paamiut; Danish: Frederikshåb)
Nanoĸ                                    K'utdligssat (now spelled Qullissat; town now abandoned)
NK                                      Nk (now spelled Nuuk; Danish: Godthåb)
SAK                                      Sisimiut (Danish: Holsteinsborg)
Siuteroĸ                                 Nanortalik
T-41                                     Ausiait (now spelled Aasiaat; Danish: Egedesminde)

Qualifying Stage

Pulje 1 (Sydgrønland)

NB: organised by K-33

Winners: K-33; other entrants: Siuteroĸ and gssik (A-43)

Pulje 2 (Midtgrønland)

NB: organised by B-67

Nk Qualifying Tournament

Nk Semifinals
[Jun 21]
GSS          -  NK
[Jun 22]
B-67        bt  Iliarssuk

Nk Final [Jun 26]
B-67        bt  winners Jun 21

NB: B-67 qualified for Midtgrønland final

Pmiut Qualifying Tournament

Winners: Nagtoralik (qualified for Midtgrønland semifinal)

Sisimiut/Mantsoĸ Qualifying Tournament

Winners: SAK (qualified for Midtgrønland semifinal); other entrant: Kgssagssuk;
         on May 11 SAK beat S-68 (Sisimiut) 7-0 but it is not clear whether that match
         was part of the qualifying tournament;
         SAK were originally placed in Pulje 3 but later moved to Pulje 2

Midtgrønland Final Tournament

Midtgrønland Semifinal [Jul 12, in Nk]
SAK         4-2 Nagtoralik
Midtgrønland Final [Jul 13, in Nk]
B-67        5-2 SAK
NB: in addition, Nagtoralik played a friendly (presumably on Jul 11 or 13) against NK, winning 3-0;
    B-67 qualified for final phase

Pulje 3 (Diskobugten)

NB: organised by T-41

Winners: T-41; other entrants: Kugsak and Nagdlnguaĸ 

Pulje 4 (Nordgrønland)

NB: organised by Nanoĸ

Winners: Nanoĸ; other entrants: G-44, K'ingmeĸ and Malamuk; instead of G-44, originally
         K'SP (also from K'eĸertarssuaĸ/Godhavn) were announced as entrants but apparently
         later replaced by G-44

Final Phase (in Nk)

K-33        2-1 B-67
T-41        5-3 Nanoĸ

Final [Aug 18]
K-33        2-0 T-41

NB: Nanoĸ entered for the last time in 1969 as their home town, the coal mining
    village of K'utdligssat (modern spelling Qullissat) was abandoned.

Friendly matches 1969

[Mar 23]
NK         6-1 B-67
NK II      6-0 B-67 UU
[Mar 29]
Sapitsok    5-3 A-1947
[Jul 12]
SAK         4-2 Nagtoralik
[Jul 13]
B-67        5-2 SAK
B-67        4-5 NK     



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