Greenland - List of Foundation Dates

NB: a major spelling reform of Greenlandic took place in 1973 (although newspapers appear to have adapted a couple of
    years later), with as main feature the replacement of the character "kra" (K' as capital, ĸ in lower case) by Q/q;
    not all club names were changed accordingly (Kâgssagssuk, named after a mythological orphan boy, retain their old
    spelling and clubs like K'ingmeĸ and Aĸigssiaĸ only adapted their name partially).

1933  Kigssaviarssuk-33 (Qaqortoq)          [founded 17 Jun 1933; now Kissaviarsuk-33; also known as K-33; 
                                             town spelled K'aĸortoĸ until 1973]
1934  NÛK (Nuuk)                            [also known as Nuuk Idrætslag, IL Nuuk; town spelled Nûk until 1973]
1937  Kâgssagssuk (Maniitsoq)               [town spelled Manītsoĸ until 1973; new spelling Kaassaassuk (seldom used)]
1941  Tupilak-41 (Aasiaat)                  [also known as T-41; town spelled Ausiait until 1973]    
1943  Âgssik-43 (Narsaq)                    [now Aassik-43; also known as A-43; town spelled Narssaĸ until 1973]
      Siuteroĸ (Nanortalik)                 [founded 2 Nov 1943; Siuteroq since spelling reform 1973]
1944  Grønlands Seminarius Sportklub (Nuuk) [founded 3 Feb 1944; town spelled Nûk until 1973]
      Godhavn-44 (Qeqertarsuaq)             [town spelled K'eĸertarssuaĸ until 1973]
      Kalak-44 (Narsarmijit)                [town officially called Narsaq Kujalleq until 2018; spelling until 1973
                                             Narssarmijit c.q. Narssaĸ Kujatdleĸ]
1945  K'ingmeĸ (Upernavik)                  [Qimmeq since spelling reform 1973; usually listed as Kingmeq]
      Kugsak (Qasigiannguit)                [founded 23 Apr 1945; town spelled K'asigiánguit until 1973]
      Nagtoralik (Paamiut)                  [town spelled Pâmiut until 1973]
      Pamêĸ (Arsuk)                         [Pameeq since spelling reform 1973]
1947  A-1947 (Atammik)                      [town spelled Atangmik until 1973]
      Nauja (Igaliku)                       [town spelled Igaliko until 1973]
1948  Nagdlúnguaĸ-48 (Ilulissat)            [founded 8 Feb 1948; also known as N-48; Nagdlúnguaq-48 since spelling reform 1973]
1950  Arssaĸ (Alluitsup Paa)                [Arsaq since spelling reform 1973; town spelled Agdluitsup pâ until 1973]
      Nanoĸ (K'utdligssat)                  [town (now spelled Qullissat) abandoned 1972]
1951  A-51 (Akunnaaq)                       [town spelled Akúnâĸ until 1973]
      SAK (Sisimiut)                        [Siumut Amerloq Kunuk]
      SK-51 (Kapisillit)                    [town spelled Kapisigdlit until 1973]
1953  Amaroĸ (Saattut)                      [Amaroq since spelling reform 1973; town spelled Sâtut until 1973]
      Ípernaĸ (Ilimanaq)                    [Ippernaq since spelling reform 1973; town spelled Ilimanaĸ until 1973]
      Ípernaĸ (Kangaatsiaq)                 [Ippernaq since spelling reform 1973; town spelled Kangâtsiaĸ until 1973; disbanded 2018]
1954  Eĸaluk-54 (Tasiusaq)                  [founded 10 Oct 1954; Eqaluk-54 since spelling reform 1973; town spelled Tasiussaĸ until 1973]
1955  Ukaleĸ (Qaarsut)                      [Ukaleq since spelling reform 1973; town spelled K'aersut until 1973]
1956  Eĸaluk-56 (Ikerasak)                  [Eqaluk-56 since spelling reform 1973]
      Kugsak (Ukkusissat)                   [town spelled Uvkusigssat until 1973]
1957  K-57 (Kangersuatsiaq)                 [town spelled Kangerssuatsiaĸ until 1973]
1958  Terianniaq-58 (Upernavik Kujalleq)    [town spelled Upernavik Kujatdleĸ until 1973]
1959  K-59 (Diskofjord)                     [town now called Qeqertaq]
      Qavaq-59 (Aappilatoq)                 [town spelled Augpilagtoĸ until 1973]
1960  ATA (Tasiilaq)                        [Ammassalimmi Timersoqatigiiffik Ammassak; town called 
                                             Ammassalik until 1992; spelled Angmagssalik until 1973]
1962  TM-62 (Kulusuk)                       
      Sarfaĸ (Niaqornaarsuk)                [Sarfaq since spelling reform 1973; town spelled Niaĸornârssuk until 1973]
      ASP-62 (Aappilattoq)                  [town spelled Augpilagtoĸ until 1973]
1964  K-64 (Kuummiut)                       [town spelled Kûngmiut until 1973]
      TAS-64 (Tasiusaq)                     [town spelled Tasiussaĸ until 1973]
1966  E-66 (Eqalugaarsuit)                  [town spelled Eqalugârssuit until 1973]
1967  B-67 (Nuuk)                           [town spelled Nûk until 1973]
1968  UB-68 (Uummannaq)                     [Umanak Boldklubben; town spelled Umánaĸ until 1973]
      S-68 (Sisimiut)
1969  A-69 (Attu)                           [town spelled Agto until 1973]
      I-69 (Ilulissat)                      [town spelled Ilulíssat until 1973]
1970  Christianshåb IF-70 (Qasigiannguit)   [town spelled K'asigiánguit until 1973]
1971  Aĸigssiaĸ (Maniitsoq)                 [founded 25 May 1971; Aqissiaq since spelling reform 1973; 
                                             usually listed as Aqigssiaq; town spelled Manītsoĸ until 1973]
      N-71 (Nuussuaq)                       [town spelled Nûgssuaĸ until 1973]
1973  Malik '73 (Nanortalik)
      Piniartoq (Saqqaq)                    [*1]
      Q-73 (Qeqertaq)                       
1976  Disko-76 (Qeqertarsuaq)
      SI-76 (Ikamiut)
1977  R-77 (Oqaatsut)
1979  IT-79 (Nuuk)                          [Inuit Timersoqatigiiffiat-79]
      Kamik-79 (Kullorsuaq)
      FC Malamuk (Uummannaq)                [*2]
1980  IT-80 (Isortoq)
1982  Nutaraq (Innarsuit)
1983  UB-83 (Upernavik)                     [Upernavik Boldklub]
      S-83 (Sermiliqaaq)
1984  KB-84 (Kangaatsiaq)                   [Kangaatsiaq Boldklub]
1985  Arfeq-85 (Attu)
      N-85 (Narsaq)                         [Narsaq-85; founded 25 Aug 1985]
      KT-85 (Kangaamiut) 
      PT-85 (Paamiut) 
1987  IT-87 (Itilleq)   
1988  NBK-88 (Niaqornaarsuk)                [Niaqornaarsuk Bold Klub] 
1992  QTP-92 (Qaanaaq)   
1993  Ukaliatsiaq (Ittoqqortoormiit)   
1995  FC Nanortalik (Nanortalik)           
1997  Aasiak-97 (Aasiaat)
2011  FC Bluie (Narsarsuaq)                 [*3]
2015  NB-15 (Nuuk)
2018  A.K. (Ittoqqortoormiit)               [Arsaaddardud Klubia; founded 18 Oct 2018]
      FC Aqisseq (Kangaatsiaq)              [founded 31 Oct 2018]
      FC Asummiut (Sisimiut)

[1] Piniartoq (Saqqaq) reportedly founded 1973 but already featured in the 1963/64 championship (as
      Piniartoĸ (Sarĸaĸ)).
[2] FC Malamuk (Uummannaq) reportedly founded 1979 but already featured in the 1959/60 championship
      (as Malamuk (Umánaĸ)) and various other editions before 1979; in fact, Malamuk were one of the
      founding members of the GIF (Greenlandic sports federation) in 1953; presumably a separate
      football section was established in 1979.
[3] The town of Narsarsuaq was called Bluie West One (US military base) until 1958.

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