Guadeloupe - List of Women Champions

Women football exists in Guadeloupe since 1973, but there were only a few clubs and no organised league. In 1978, it was officially recognised by the LGF and an official league with initially 10 clubs inaugurated.
1978/79        MJC de Point-ŕ-Pitre     
1979/80        MJC de Point-ŕ-Pitre     
1981/82        MJC de Point-ŕ-Pitre     
1982/83        MJC de Point-ŕ-Pitre     
1983/84        MJC de Point-ŕ-Pitre
1984-87          not known     
1987/88        MJC de Point-ŕ-Pitre     
1988/89        MJC de Point-ŕ-Pitre    
1989-2002        not known 
2002/03          not known 
2003/04        Solidarité 2000 de Morne-ŕ-l'Eau
2004/05            not known
2005/06        MJC de Point-ŕ-Pitre  
2006/07        Solidarité 2000 de Morne-ŕ-l'Eau     
2007/08        Solidarité 2000 de Morne-ŕ-l'Eau     
2008/09        Solidarité 2000 de Morne-ŕ-l'Eau     
2009/10        MJC de Point-ŕ-Pitre    
2010/11        Solidarité 2000 de Morne-ŕ-l'Eau     
2011/12        Solidarité 2000 de Morne-ŕ-l'Eau       
2012/13          not known
2013/14        AS Anonymes
2014/15        Cactus (Ste Anne)
2015/16        Good Luck (Gosier)
2016/17        AS Anonymes

NB: all titles of MJC listed.

Promotion Excellence Champions

1995/96        MJC de Point-ŕ-Pitre    
2000/01        MJC de Point-ŕ-Pitre    
2007/08        JSVH (Vieux Habitants)   
2008/09        JBA (Baie Mahault)
2009/10        MGFF (St Louis Marie Galante) 
2010/11        Good Luck (Gosier)
2011/12        Saint-Claude FC
2012/13        SLAC (Marie Galante)      
2013/14        Cactus (Ste Anne)

NB: all titles of MJC listed.

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