Guatemala - Cup Tournaments 1904-1917

I Copa Centroamericana 1904

Played in 10 matches from Aug 28 to Oct 30 between the
same two teams, all at the Villa Linda field.

Final Table: 

 1.Olympic FC           10  6  1  3  30-23  13
 2.Guatemala FC         10  3  1  6  23-30   7

Topscorer: Carlos Aguirre (Olympic) 12

II Copa Centroamericana 1905/06

Played between 3 teams from Oct 1905 to Feb 1906, each meeting all
others 5 times for a total of 15 matches (10 per team), all at the 
Villa Linda field.

Final Ranking:

 1.Olympic FC
 2.Guatemala FC
 3.Gay SC

NB: Gay apparently only played 9 matches, unclear which other team
    they only met 4 times.

Topscorer: Carlos Aguirre (Olympic) 13

I Copa Manuel Estrada Cabrera 1911

Participants (10):
Corinto, Gay SC, Guatemala FC, Hércules, Michigan, Ohio, Olympic FC,
Sport, Standard, United

Played on knock-out basis

Gay               2-1 Ohio

II Copa Manuel Estrada Cabrera 1911

Participants (2):
Gay-Ohio (combined team), Michigan

Michigan          2-0 Gay/Ohio

III Copa Manuel Estrada Cabrera 1913

Guatemala         3-1 Gay

IV Copa Manuel Estrada Cabrera 1914

Guatemala         6-0 Gay

V Copa Manuel Estrada Cabrera 1916

Participants (3):
Guatemala-Víctor (combined team), Cartago-Gay (combined team), Ohio

Ohio              4-0 Cartago/Gay

I Copa del Ayuntamiento 1917

Allies            3-1 Andino


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