Guyana 1991

Kashif & Shanghai Knockout Tournament 1990/91

The Kashif and Shanghai football competition came about in 1989 
as Greg "Kashif" Charles and Aubrey "Shanghai" Major were witnessing 
a Boxing Day boxing card in Georgetown. At the time, Lindeners 
had no major sporting event to look forward to during the Christmas 
holidays. Kashif, who at the time was associated with the Milerock 
Football Club got together with "Shanghai" who was with the Eagles 
United Football Club to organise a match between the two teams. 
After further discussion, it was agreed to include two other teams 
from the Linden town, Botofago and Central Hikers football club. 
This was the first Kashif and Shanghai football competition.

Participants (4, all from Linden):
Milerock, Eagles United, Botofago, Central Hikers 

Central Hikers            lt  Milerock 
Eagles United             bt  Botofago

Final [Jan 1, 1991]
Milerock                  2-1 Eagles United

Champions of Champions 1991/92

NB: national championship; originally scheduled for Dec 1991 but postponed due to bad weather

Round ? [date?]
Pele (Georgetown          lt  Santos (Georgetown)
Semifinals [Feb 1992]
Cougars (Berbice)          -  Santos (Georgetown)
Milerock (Linden)          -  GDF (Georgetown)     

Champions: Santos (Georgetown)

Georgetown 1991

First Division

Round 1 [Jun ?]
GDF                       bt  Thomas United

Round 2
[Jun 9]
Thomas United             0-0 Santos
Conquerors                ppd YSM Beacons 
[Jun 10]
Pele                       -  Western Tigers 
[Jun 23]
GDF                       ppd Santos
Western Tigers            ppd YSM Beacons
[Jun 24]
Georgetown FC             ppd Thomas United
[Jun 26]
Camptown                  ppd Conquerors  
[Jun 30]
Western Tigers            ppd Santos
Georgetown FC             ppd Conquerors
[Jul 5]
Pele                       -  GDF        

[Aug 11]
Western Tigers            4-0 Georgetown FC
[Aug 14]
Camptown                  bt  Conquerors
[Aug 18]
Santos                     -  Western Tigers
[Sep 2]
Police                    2-1 Thomas United
[Sep 6]
Pele                       -  GDF
[Sep 29]
Conquerors                3-1 Camptown                  [3rd win from 5 matches for Conquerors]
[Oct 6]
GDF                       3-2 Santos
Pele                      4-0 Georgetown FC             
[Oct 7]
Conquerors                2-2 Police
[Oct 12]
GDF                        -  Western Tigers
[Oct 13]
Conquerors                3-1 YSM Beacons 
Pele                      3-0 Thomas United
[Oct 14]
GDF                       1-0 Police 
[Oct 16]
Camptown                  lt  Santos

Top of Table:

 1.Police                    7        12
 2.Pele                      7        12
 3.Conquerors                7        11  
 4.Santos                    7        10  
 5.GDF                       8        10  
[Oct 18]
Pele                      1-0 Conquerors
[Oct 25]
Pele                      1-1 Police 
[Oct 27]
Western Tigers            bt  Camptown                  [Camptown lost all their matches]
Thomas United              -  YSM Beacons 
Top Final Table:
 1.Pele                      9        15  Champions
 2.Police                    9        13
 3.Conquerors                9        13
Promotion/Relegation Tournament

NB: played March 1992

Participants (4):
 Camptown FC
 Georgetown FC
 Water Works
[Mar ?]
Georgetown FC             1-0 Water Works
NB: Camptown and Georgetown FC stay in First Division.

GNCB Cup                  
Final [May 5]
Santos                    1-1 Georgetown FC             [aet, 4-2 pen]
East Demerara

East Demerara Football Festival

[Feb ?]
Victoria FC               2-0 Plaisance FC
Black Stallion            1-1 Golden Grove FC           [aet, 3-1 pen]
[Feb 10]
Melanie Demishana          -  Buxton
Transvaal                  -  Ann's Grove    
NB: Transvaal are from Beterverwagting
Upper Demerara 

Philip Shury Tournament

Central Hikers            n/p Milerock      
President's Cup

Eagles United             n/p Central Hikers    
West Demerara

[Aug 25]
Stewartville              4-0 Strikers
Image                     1-2 Police
[Sep 1]
Rebel United               -  Strikers
Stewartville               -  Pouderoyen 
[Sep ?]
Stewartville              1-0 Rebel United
Pouderoyen                4-1 Image
Police                    5-2 Strikers
Champions: Stewartville (unbeaten)



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