Guyana - List of Foundation Dates

1902     Georgetown FC 
1921     Victoria (Georgetown)
         St Barnabas (Georgetown)
1947     Northern Rangers (Georgetown)
1960     Thomas United FC (Georgetown)         [founded on Apr 1 as Continental FC]
1964     Santos FC (Georgetown)                [founded on Apr 5]
1965     Guyana Defence Force FC (Georgetown)
1971     Pele FC (Georgetown)
1972     Milerock FC (Linden)
1974     Buxton SC                             [merged 1996 with Olympic SC to Buxton United FC]
         Camptown FC (Georgetown)
1976     BK Western Tigers FC (Georgetown)
1977     Uitvlugt Warriors FC
1980     Riddim Squad FC (Georgetown)
1982     Fruta Conquerors FC (Georgetown)      [founded on Feb 14 as Conquerors FC]
         Queenstown FC
1985     Beacon's FC (Georgetown)
1988     Kingston United FC (Georgetown)
1990     Crane FC  
         Rose Hall SC
         Topp XX (Linden)
1990(?)  Amelia's Ward Panthers (Linden)       [founded as Amelia's Ward FC]
1991     Rosignol United FC          
1992     Heart of Oak FC (New Amsterdam)
         New Ballweavers Christianburg (Linden)
1993     Net Rockers FC (Linden)               [also written Netrockers (official form not known)]
         West Front Lions FC (Georgetown)
1994     Alpha United FC (Georgetown)
1995     Buxton United FC                      [merger of Buxton SC and Olympic SC] 
1996     New Amsterdam United FC
1998     Henrietta United FC
2002     BV Triumph United FC (Beterverwagting)
         Central Corentyne Stars SC
2003     Seawall FC (Pouderoyen)
2013     Slingerz FC (Vergenoegen)
2019     Georgetown Panthers                   [aka GT Panthers]

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