Copa Guyana (Cup of Guyana's) 2012

Participating teams (4):

US Matoury                          [French Guyana]
Western Tigers (Georgetown)         [Guyana]
SV Inter Moengotapoe (Moengo)       [Surinam]
SV Robinhood (Paramaribo)           [Surinam]
NB: Western Tigers replaced Guyana champions Alpha United, who had a number of
    players unavailable due to selection for the nation team;
    edition played in knock-out format for the first time.

Semifinals [Aug 17, André Kamperveenstadion, Paramaribo]
Inter Moengotapoe 2-1 Matoury
  [Anduelo Amoeferie, Ives Vlijter; Wilfried Galimo]
Robinhood         1-0 Western Tigers
  [Romano Sordam]

Third Place Match [Aug 19, André Kamperveenstadion, Paramaribo]
Matoury           2-0 Western Tigers

Final [Aug 19, André Kamperveenstadion, Paramaribo]
Robinhood         1-0 Inter Moengotapoe 
  [Giovanni Waal]

NB: fifth edition.




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