Aryan Gymkhana XI (India) tour of Malaya and Singapore 1949

The team was initially reported in Malayan sources as an All-India team 
(i.e. a national team of India), but was in fact the Aryan Gymkhana club 
reinforced with some players from other clubs in India.
There were a few players in the squad who had played in the 1948 Indian 
Olympic team.

Managers: N.R. Murthy, B. Ramaswamy.
Goalkeepers: Berland Anthony, Sanjiva
Full backs: Mohinder Singh, Constantine Manuel, Marakar Joseph Rathnam [c]
Halfbacks: Gurubaksh Singh, Ghulam Khader, Govind, Arickraj
Forwards: Nataraj Vajaravelu, Deshmukh Bhimrao, Ramu Parab, 
          K.M.P. Ghulam Rasool, V.N.Thomas, Joseph Anthony


Overall record: P19 W11 D6 L2
All matches were 60 minutes in duration.

26-10 Singapore     Singapore Sino-Malays          2-2 Aryan Gymkhana XI
30-10 Singapore     All-Malayan Indians            1-2 Aryan Gymkhana XI
 1-11 Singapore     Singapore Combined Services    3-3 Aryan Gymkhana XI
 3-11 Singapore     Singapore XI                   1-3 Aryan Gymkhana XI *
 5-11 Singapore     Singapore Civilians            2-4 Aryan Gymkhana XI
 8-11 Singapore     All-Singapore                  0-1 Aryan Gymkhana XI 
10-11 Seremban      Negri Sembilan State           1-2 Aryan Gymkhana XI 
12-11 Kuala Lumpur  Selangor State                 1-2 Aryan Gymkhana XI
13-11 Kuala Lumpur  TPCA                           0-4 Aryan Gymkhana XI +
16-11 Kuala Lumpur  All-Selangor                   1-3 Aryan Gymkhana XI
18-11 Ipoh          Perak State                    1-5 Aryan Gymkhana XI
20-11 George Town   Penang State                   1-1 Aryan Gymkhana XI
22-11 George Town   Penang Chinese FA              1-0 Aryan Gymkhana XI
25-11 Alor Star     Kedah State                    0-0 Aryan Gymkhana XI
27-11 George Town   Penang State                   2-1 Aryan Gymkhana XI
 3-12 Kuala Lumpur  Selangor Chinese RC            1-3 Aryan Gymkhana XI
 4-12 Seremban      Lien Hwa (Malayan Chinese XI)  3-3 Aryan Gymkhana XI
 6-12 Ipoh          Malayan Chinese FA             1-1 Aryan Gymkhana XI
 8-12 George Town   Malayan Indians                1-2 Aryan Gymkhana XI

* Singapore XI = Combined Europeans, Eurasians, and Indians
+ TPCA = Tamilian Physical Culture Association (Selangor league champions)

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