Haiti - List of Champions

The first ever football match on Haiti was apparently played in 1905 (other source: 1908) between Union Sportive Haïtienne (Port-au-Prince) and Athlétique de Port-de-Paix, won 1-0 by US Haïtienne thanks to a goal from Constantin Henriquez.

Championnat National

NB: the Championnat de Port-au-Prince apparently also served as national
    championship prior to the introduction of the Coupe Vincent.

Coupe Vincent

1932       Union des Sociétés Artibonitiennes [aka selection de Gonaïves]
1933-36      not played
1937       Etoile Haïtienne (Port-au-Prince)
1937/38    Association Sportive Capoise (Cap Haïtien)
1939       Violette Athlétique Club (Port-au-Prince)
1940         not played
1941       Racing Club Haïtien (Port-au-Prince)
1942       Excelsior Club (Port-au-Prince)
1943         not played
1944       Racing Club Haïtien (Port-au-Prince)    6-1 USS Saint-Marc     
1945       Racing Club Haïtien (Port-au-Prince)
1946         not played
1947       Hatüey Bacardi Club (Port-au-Prince)
1948         not played
1949       Hatüey Bacardi Club (Port-au-Prince)
1950       Excelsior Club (Port-au-Prince)
1951/52    Violette Athlétique Club (Port-au-Prince)
1953         not played
1954       Victory Sportif Club (Port-au-Prince)
1955-59      not played
1960       Aigle Noir Athlétique Club (Port-au-Prince)
1961          not played
1962       Victory Sportif Club (Port-au-Prince)
1963-69       not played
1970       Victory Sportif Club (Port-au-Prince)
1971       Victory Sportif Club (Port-au-Prince)

Number of Wins (17)

 4 Victory Sportif Club (Port-au-Prince)

 3 Racing Club Haïtien (Port-au-Prince)

 2 Excelsior Club (Port-au-Prince)
   Hatüey Bacardi Club (Port-au-Prince)
   Violette Athlétique Club (Port-au-Prince)

 1 Aigle Noir Athlétique Club (Port-au-Prince)
   Association Sportive Capoise (Cap Haïtien)
   Etoile Haïtienne (Port-au-Prince)
   Union des Sociétés Artibonitiennes [aka selection de Gonaïves]

Championnat National

NB: apparently first championship in nationwide league format

1987/88    Aigle Rouge des Gonaïves                bt  Tempête (Saint-Marc)           [*1]
1988/89    FICA (Cap-Haïtien)                  1-0 2-1 Violette AC (Port-au-Prince)
1990       FICA (Cap-Haïtien)                  bt      Racing Club Haïtien (Port-au-Prince)
1991/92      discontinued
1992/93    Tempête (Saint-Marc)                0-0 2-1 Roulado FC
1993/94    FICA (Cap-Haïtien)                  bt      AS Capoise (Cap-Haïtien) 
1994/95    Violette AC (Port-au-Prince) 
1996       Aigle Noir AC (Port-au-Prince) [*2]
1997       AS Capoise (Cap-Haïtien)            1-1 4-1 Don Bosco (Pétion-Ville)
1998       FICA (Cap-Haïtien)                 awd 14-0 Racing FC (Gônaïves)           [first leg awarded 0-0 win to FICA]
1999       Violette AC (Port-au-Prince)
2000       Racing Club Haïtien (Port-au-Prince)
2001       FICA (Cap-Haïtien)
2002    Ou Roulado (La Gônave)  
        Cl Racing Club Haïtien (Port-au-Prince)
2003    Ou Don Bosco (Pétion-Ville)            
        Cl Roulado (La Gônave)  
2004      not held
2004/05 Ou AS Mirebalais
        Fe Baltimore SC (Saint-Marc)
2005/06 Ou Baltimore SC (Saint-Marc)         
        Fe Aigle Noir AC (Port-au-Prince) 
        Tr Aigle Noir AC (Port-au-Prince)
2007    Ou Baltimore SC (Saint-Marc)       
        Fe Cavaly (Léogâne) 
2008    Ou Tempête (Saint-Marc) 
        Fe Racing FC (Gônaïves)     
2009    Ou Tempête (Saint-Marc)
        Cl Racing Club Haïtien (Port-au-Prince) 
2010/11 Ou Tempête (Saint-Marc)
        Cl Victory SC (Port-au-Prince)     
2011    Ou Baltimore SC (Saint-Marc)
        Cl Tempête (Saint-Marc)
2012       Valencia (Léogâne)
2013       AS Mirebalais
2014    Ou América (Cayes)
        Cl Don Bosco (Pétion-Ville)
2015    Ou Don Bosco (Pétion-Ville)            1-0 1-0 América (Cayes)
        Cl FICA (Cap-Haïtien)                  1-0 1-0 Baltimore SC (Saint-Marc)
2016    Ou Racing FC (Gônaïves)                0-0 1-0 FICA (Cap-Haïtien) 
        Cl FICA (Cap-Haïtien)                  0-0 2-0 Real Hope Football Academy (Cap-Haïtien)
2017    Ou Real Hope F. Academy (Cap-Haïtien)  1-2 1-0 Racing FC (Gônaïves)    
        Cl AS Capoise (Cap-Haïtien)            1-0 3-1 Racing FC (Gônaïves)    
2018    Ou AS Capoise (Cap-Haïtien)            0-0 1-0 AS Mirebalais
        Cl Don Bosco (Pétion-Ville)        0-0 0-0 2-1 Arcahaie FC  
2019    Ou Arcahaie FC                         1-0 1-1 Real Hope F. Academy (Cap-Haïtien) 
        Cl   abandoned due to civil unrest
2020    Ou   abandoned due to Covid-19 pandemic
        Cl   cancelled due to transition to fall/spring rhythm
2020/21 Ou Violette AC (Port-au-Prince)        2-1 1-0 Arcahaie FC 
        Cl   abandoned
2021-23      no competition
2024                                                                                  [Championnat Spécial]

[*1] Aigle Rouge beat Tempête in the third replay of the final 1988 at the Stade Sylvio Cator
[*2] according to other sources Racing FC (Gônaïves) won the 1996 title by beating Tempête in
     the final but this appears incorrect

Number of Wins (45)

 7 FICA (Cap-Haïtien)   

 5 Tempête (Saint-Marc)         

 4 Baltimore SC (Saint-Marc) 
   Don Bosco (Pétion-Ville)

 3 Aigle Noir Athlétique Club (Port-au-Prince) 
   AS Capoise (Cap-Haïtien) 
   Racing Club Haïtien (Port-au-Prince)
   Violette Athlétique Club (Port-au-Prince) 

 2 AS Mirebalais
   Racing FC (Gônaïves) 
   Roulado (La Gônave)  

 1 Aigle Rouge des Gonaïves   
   América (Cayes)
   Arcahaie FC
   Cavaly (Léogâne) 
   Real Hope Football Academy (Cap-Haïtien)
   Valencia (Léogâne)   
   Victory SC (Port-au-Prince)     

Championnat de Port-au-Prince

NB: the tournaments from 1912 to 1914 (and possibly until 1926) apparently counted as
    national championships although the top level consisted of clubs from Port-au-Prince
    only; provincial clubs only competed at the second level; after an interruption at
    the end of the twenties, the championship of Port-au-Prince was reintroduced in 1930
    and played for the Coupe Pradel, while the national champions won the Coupe Vincent.

1912       Union Sportive Haïtienne
1913       Union Sportive Haïtienne
1914       Union Sportive Haïtienne
1915-21      not held
1922       Equipe B
1923         not held
1924       Jeunesse Sportive Haitienne   [apparently for 1923 season]
1925       Tennis Athletic Club          [apparently for 1924 season]
1926       Violette Athlétique Club      [apparently for 1925 season]
1927-29      no championship
Coupe Pradel
1930         championship interrupted
1931       Racing Club Haïtien
1931/32        Racing Club Haïtien
1933       Racing Club Haïtien
1934       Racing Club Haïtien
1935       Racing Club Haïtien
1936       Violette Athlétique Club
1937       Racing Club Haïtien
1937/38    Racing Club Haïtien
1939       Violette Athlétique Club
1940         not played [other sources: Hatüey Bacardi Club]
1941       Racing Club Haïtien
1942       Excelsior Club
1942/43    Etoile Haïtienne    
1943          not played [other sources: Arsenal Football Club (unbeaten)]          
1944       Etoile Haïtienne (Port-au-Prince)    
1945       Hatüey Bacardi Club
1946       Racing Club Haïtien
1947       Racing Club Haïtien
1948       Excelsior Club
1949         championship interrupted and not awarded
1950       Excelsior Club
1951       Excelsior Club
1952/53    Aigle Noir Athlétique Club
1953/54    Racing Club Haïtien                     bt  Aigle Noir  
1954       Violette Athlétique Club                2-1 Etoile Haïtienne
1955       Aigle Noir Athlétique Club
1956       Jeunesse (Pétion-Ville) [*1]            bt  Victory Sportif Club
1957       Violette Athlétique Club
1958       Racing Club Haïtien
1959       Aigle Noir Athlétique Club
1960       Victory Sportif Club
1961       Etoile Haïtienne 
1962       Racing Club Haïtien 
1963       Racing Club Haïtien 
1964-66      not held
1966       Racing Club Haïtien 
1967       Racing Club Haïtien
1968       Violette Athlétique Club
1969       Racing Club Haïtien 
1970       Aigle Noir Athlétique Club
1971       Don Bosco (Pétion-Ville)
1972 [*2]  Violette Athlétique Club or Racing Club Haïtien 
1973         not known
1974       Racing Club Haïtien 
1974/75    Aigle Noir Athlétique Club              drw Victory Sportif Club                    [Aigle Noir on pen]
1976       Violette Athlétique Club 
1977       Racing Club Haïtien 
1978       Violette Athlétique Club 
1979       Violette Athlétique Club 
1980         not held
1981       Racing Club Haïtien 
1982         not held
1983       Violette Athlétique Club
1984-88      not held
1989       Violette Athlétique Club 

[*1] Jeunesse aka Petionville Athletic Club

[*2] both Violette AC and Racing CH claim winning the trophy for 1972 on their respective homepages;
     Racing's page also claims wins in 1955, 1956 and 1957 and claims to have won it 26 times in
     spite of listing only 25 years in which they won it.

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