Hongkong - List of HKFA Chairman's Cup Winners

Established 1975 by the Hong Kong Football Association.
After a few seasons restricted to the reserve teams of Hongkong First Division clubs.
Season  Winners                         Runners-Up

1975/76 South China
1976/77 Seiko                       3-1 Happy Valley                [aet]
1977/78 Seiko  
1978/79 Seiko
1979/80 Happy Valley                
1980/81 South China Res.
1981/82 South China Res.
1982/83 Seiko Res.
1983/84 Happy Valley Res.
1984/85 South China Res.
1985/86 South China Res.
1986/87 South China youth team
1987/88 Double Flower youth team 
1988/89 Lai Sun Double Flower Res.
1989/90 Eastern Res.
1990/91 Eastern Res.
1991/92 Eastern Res.
1992/93 Eastern Res.
1993/94 Sing Tao Res.
1994/95 Instant-Dict Res.
1995/96 Instant-Dict Res.
1996/97 Golden Res.
1997/98 Instant-Dict Res.
1998/99 Sai Kung Friends Res.
1999/00 South China Res.
2000/01 Orient & Yee Hope Union Res.
2001/02 Double Flower Res.
2002/03 South China Res.
2003/04 Sun Hei Res.
2004/05 South China Res.  
2005/06 Buler Rangers Res.          1-0 South China Res.
2006/07 Citizen Res.                2-1 South China Res.
2007/08 Bulova Ramgers Res.         8-3 Eastern Res.

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