Honduras - Divisional Moves Between First and Second Division


[for every season, the teams promoted to the first division before 
 the start of the season and those relegated at the end of the season
 are listed]

1965/66      no promotion          no relegation
1966/67      no promotion        Troya
1967/68    Atlético Indio        San Pedro
1968/69    Victoria              Atlético Español
1969/70    Lempira               Progreso
1970/71    Verdun                Victoria
1971/72    Troya                 Lempira
1972/73    UNAH                    no relegation
1973         no promotion        Troya
1974       Federal               Atlético Indio
1975       Atlantida             Atlantida
1976       Campamento            Campamento
1977       Victoria              Federal
1978       Tiburones             Tiburones
1979       Atlético Portuario    Atlético Portuario
1980       Atlético Morazán        no relegation
1981       Independiente         Platense and UNAH
1982       Dandy                 Independiente
1983       Platense              Dandy
1984       Sula                  Sula
1985       Tela Timsa            UNAH
1986       E.A.C.I               Tela Timsa
1987       UNAH                  E.A.C.I
1988       Curacao               UNAH
1989       Super Estrella        Curacao
1990       Tela Timsa            Sula
1991/92    Atlético Indio        Atlético Indio
1992/93    Real Maya             Super Estrella
1993/94    Deportes Progreseño   Petrotela
1994/95    Broncos               Deportes Progreseño
1995/96    Independiente         Broncos
1996/97    UNAH                    no relegation
1997/98    Palestino             Palestino, Independiente
1999       Broncos               Real Maya
1999/00    Federal               Federal
2000/01    Deportes Savio        Broncos
2001/02    Salzburgo             Deportes Savio
2002/03    Real Maya             Salzburgo (*1)
2003/04    Atlético Olanchano    Real Patepluma
2004/05    Municipal Valencia    Atlético Olanchano
2005/06    Hispano               Hispano (*2)
2006/07    Atlético Olanchano    Universidad
2007/08    Deportes Savio        Atlético Olanchano
2008/09    Real Juventud         Real Juventud
2009/10    Atlético Gualala (*3) Real Juventud    
2010/11    Necaxa                Hispano 
2011/12    Atlético Cholomeño    Platense (*4)
2012/13    Real Sociedad         Atlético Cholomeño 
2013/14    Parrillas One         Deportes Savio
2014/15    Honduras Progreso     Parrillas One
2015/16    Juticalpa             Victoria
2016/17    Social Sol            Social Sol
2017/18    UPNFM                 Real Sociedad
2018/19    Real de Minas         Juticalpa 
2019/20    Real Sociedad           no relegation
2020/21      no promotion         

(*1) Salzburgo withdrew, thereby leaving Victoria, who had actually
     been relegated, at the top level
(*2) Hispano bought the place of Municipal Valencia before the 2006/07
(*3) Real Juventud (Santa Bárbara) merged with promoted side
     Atlético Gualala (Santa Bárbara) and remained at the first 
     level under the name Real Juventud 
(*4) Platense bought the place of Necaxa before the 2012/13 season

Name and franchise changes (1965-1996)
     - La Salle changed its name to San Pedro in 1966.
     - Honduras changed its name to Progreso in 1969.
     - Verdun bought Atlético Español's franchise in 1970.
     - Broncos bought Verdun's franchise in 1971.
     - UNAH bought Broncos's franchise in 1982, and changed its name to
       Broncos UNAH.  Apparently they split again afterwards.
     - Atlético Morazán changed its name to Juventud Morazanica in 1983.
     - Sula bought Juventud Morazanica's franchise in 1985.
     - Tela Timsa changed its name to Petrotela in 1991.
     - Real Maya were renamed Real Patepluma during 2002/03.
     E.A.C.I. = Escuela Agricola Campesina de Isletas
     UNAH     = Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras
     UPNFM    = Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Francisco Morazán

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