Austrian Football Tournaments 1897-1898


Hohe Warte-Turnier 1897          Vienna Cricket FC
Kaiser Franz Josefs-Turnier 1898 Vienna Cricket FC

Hohe Warte-Turnier 1897

NB: first ever Austrian football tournament;
    all matches played Sep 19;
    matches 2x15 minutes, 6 players/team

Round 1 
RSC Training             0-3 First Vienna FC
SC Austria               0-9 Vienna Cricket FC
Hungaria Wien            0-3 Turner
Turner                   1-4 Vienna Cricket FC
First Vienna FC          bye
First Vienna FC          0-1 Vienna Cricket FC     

Kaiser Franz Josefs-Turnier 1898

NB: all matches played Sep 18;
    matches 2x10 minutes (5 minutes extra time), 6 players/team
Round 1
Vienna Cricket FC I      3-1 Vienna Cricket FC III
First Vienna III         3-0 Wiener AC I
AC Viktoria              0-1 FC Baden
Wiener AC II             3-0 Arbeiter SK
Vienna Cricket FC II     0-1 Spielvereinigung
First Vienna FC II       4-3 First Vienna FC I
Round 2
FC Baden                 0-2 Vienna Cricket FC I
Wiener AC II             1-2 Spielvereinigung
First Vienna II          1-0 First Vienna III
Round 3
Vienna Cricket FC I      1-0 Spielvereinigung
First Vienna II          bye

Vienna Cricket FC I      2-1 First Vienna II     

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