Ireland - FA Intermediate Cup Winners and Runners-Up

Season    Winners                       Runners-Up
1926-27  Drumcondra                    Cobh Ramblers 
1927-28  Bohemians (Cork)              Strandville 
1928-29  Richmond United               Fermoy 
1929-30  Cahir Park                    Glasnevin 
1930-31  Bohemians (Cork)              Rossville 
1931-32  Bohemians 'B'                 Cork 'B' 
1932-33  Shelbourne 'B'                Cork Bohemians 'B' 
1933-34  Sligo Rovers                  Tramore Rookies 
1934-35  Tramore Rookies               Bohemians 'B' 
1935-36  B. and I.S.P.                 Co. G.S. Rlys (Cork) 
1936-37  Longford Town                 Fearon's Athletic 
1937-38  Terenure Athletic             Bohemians (Cork) 
1938-39  Distillery                    Bohemians (Cork) 
1939-40  Distillery                    Cobh Ramblers 
1940-41  Distillery                    Bohemians (Cork) 
1941-42  Distillery                    Cobh Ramblers 
1942-45    not held
1945-46  UCD                           Cobh Ramblers 
1946-47  Drumcondra 'B'                Rockville (Cork) 
1947-48  St Patrick's Athletic         Cobh Ramblers 
1948-49  St Patrick's Athletic         Freebooters (Cork) 
1949-50  Jacobs                        St. Patrick's Athletic 
1950-51  St. James's Gate              Evergreen (Cork)  
1951-52  A.O.H. (Cork)                 Pike Rovers 
1952-53  St Patrick's Athletic 'B'     Jacobs 
1953-54  Albert Rovers (Cork)          Jacobs 
1954-55  Longford Town 
1955-56  Bray Wanderers                Workmen's Club 
1956-57  Workmen's Club                A.O.H. (Cork) 
1957-58  Bray Wanderers                Chapelizod 
1958-59  Albert Rovers (Cork)          Bray Wanderers 
1959-60  Longford Town                 Bray Wanderers 
1960-61  Workmen's Club                Jacobs 
1961-62  Longford Town                 Workmen's Club 
1962-63  Home Farm                     Limerick 'B' 
1963-64  Transport                     T.E.K. United 
1964-65  T.E.K. United                 Glasheen 
1965-66  Transport                     Home Farm 
1966-67  Home Farm                     Tramore Athletic (Cork) 
1967-68  Home Farm                     Athlone Town 
1968-69  Longford Town                 Transport 
1969-70  Rialto                        Home Farm 
1970-71  Tullamore                     Bluebell United (Dublin) 
1971-72  C.Y.M. (Dublin)               T.E.K. United 
1972-73  Dalkey United (Dublin)        Rialto (Dublin) 
1973-74  Transport (Dublin)            T.E.K. United (Dublin) 
1974-75  C.Y.M. (Dublin)               Belgrove (Dublin) 
1975-76  St Brendan's C.I.E. (Dublin)  Transport (Dublin) 
1976-77  Pegasus (Dublin)              Bray Wanderers 
1977-78  Avondale United (Cork)        A.I.B. (Dublin) 
1978-79  Tramore Athletic (Cork)       Swilly Rovers (Donegal) 
1979-80  Cobh Ramblers                 Tramore Athletic (Cork) 
1980-81  Tramore Athletic (Cork)       Ballyfermot United (Dublin) 
1981-82  Bluebell United (Dublin)      Tramore Athletic (Cork) 
1982-83  Cobh Ramblers                 Bluebell United (Dublin) 
1983-84  Ballyfermot United (Dublin)   Bank Rovers (Dublin) 
1984-85  Bank Rovers (Dublin)          Hammond Lane (Dublin) 
1985-86  Croften Celtic (Cork)         Everton (Cork) 
1986-87  Tramore Athletic (Cork)       Bank Rovers (Dublin) 
1987-88  Fanad United (Donegal)        Tramore Athletic (Cork) 
1988-89  T.E.K. United (Dublin)        St James's Gate (Dublin) 
1989-90  Bluebell United (Dublin)      Ballyfermot (Dublin) 
1991-92  Pegasus (Dublin)              Bluebell United (Dublin) 
1992-93  Bluebell United (Dublin)      Wayside Celtic (Dublin) 
1993-94  Bluebell United (Dublin)      Cherry Orchard (Dublin) 
1994-95  Fanad United (Donegal)        Corinthians 
1995-96  Wayside Celtic (Dublin)       Fanad United (Donegal) 
1996-97  Glenmore Celtic (Dublin)      Everton (Cork) 
1997-98  Cherry Orchard (Dublin)       College Corinthians (Cork)  
1998-99  Rockmount (Cork)              Garda 
1999-00  Bluebell United (Dublin)      St. Mary's (Cork) 
2000-01  Wayside Celtic (Dublin)       Ashtown Villa (Dublin) 
2001-02  Ashtown Villa (Dublin)        Cherry Orchard (Dublin) 
2002-03  Belgrove (Dublin)             Rockmount (Cork) 
2003-04  Rockmount (Cork)              Bluebell United (Dublin) 
2004-05  Wayside Celtic (Dublin)       Rockmount 
2005-06  Avondale United (Cork)        Blarney United 
2006-07  Avondale United               Bangor Celtic (Dublin) 
2007-08  Rockmount                     Douglas Hall (Cork)  

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