Indochina Four Nations Tournament 1989 - Bangkok, Thailand

The original intention of the tournament (announced by the Asian Football Confederation
in October) was to promote football among Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam, following
the latter three nations' hiatus from international competition. However, Cambodia and Vietnam
presumably withdrew or declined to participate. By December, the motivation was instead to
raise funds for flood and typhoon victims in Southern Thailand.

Group stage

24-12 Laos         2-2 Jurong Town
24-12 Thailand     1-0 Kuala Lumpur
26-12 Thailand     3-0 Laos
26-12 Kuala Lumpur 3-0 Jurong Town 
27-12 Thailand     0-0 Jurong Town
27-12 Laos         1-1 Kuala Lumpur

 1.THAILAND (national team)  3  2  1  0  4- 0  5
 2.KUALA LUMPUR (Malaysia)   3  1  1  1  4- 2  3
 3.Laos XI                   3  0  2  1  3- 6  2
 4.Jurong Town (Singapore)   3  0  2  1  2- 5  2

Notes: The Laos team was reported as a university team, but was effectively the national team of Laos.
 Kuala Lumpur was represented by the City Hall club, which provided most of the players
 to the Kuala Lumpur state team.

Third place match
29- 7 Jurong Town   -  Laos XI

30-12 Thailand     2-0 Kuala Lumpur
        [Boonpleek Noonoi, Pongsathorn Thepthong]

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