Inter Island Cup 2006-2017


Played on Christmas Island on October 20 and 22. Scores unknown.
A women's edition may have also been played.


Played on Cocos Island. Scores and dates unknown.


Apparently played in June, both teams won one match.


In the fall of 2011, a tournament (assumed to be knockout) known as the "Indian Ocean Territories
Corporate Soccer Championship" was apparently contested on Christmas Island. Reported, bizarrely,
on the German FA website, ten teams contested the tournament, including the Christmas Island A team
(the translation suggests that a B-team also competed), the Cocos Island team, plus seven other
'corporate' squads (apparently all seven were from the Cocos Islands).

The Christmas Island A-team started as favourites, but they were forced to forfeit their semi final
against the Cocos Islands. According to the source, the ferry journey back was scheduled at the end
of the tournament, but numerous delays meant that the semi final was to be played with the team
missing the ferry. The captain of the Christmas Island squad, unwilling to miss the ferry (despite
the fact that it ran weekly), decided to bring the team home.

It is unknown who won the tournament.


Not known.


Not known.


Not known.


Not known.


First Leg
Cocos Islands             0-1 Christmas Island   

Second Leg
Christmas Island           -  Cocos Islands             

NB: second leg result not known; Christmas Island won the cup.


Played in May.

First Leg
Christmas Island          1-0 Cocos Islands             

Second Leg
Cocos Islands             0-1 Christmas Island   


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