Iraq National XI tour of Europe 1959

After the end of the 1958-1959 season, the first after the July 1958 Revolution, the Iraq Football Association selected two teams, an Iraqi military team and an Iraqi National XI (Montakhab Al-Ahly) to play friendly games abroad to promote the establishment of normal diplomatic relations with a number of ‘socialist and liberated countries’ in the words of Iraqi leader Abdul-Karim Qasim or Al-Zaem.

The military went to play matches in Far East Asia and Soviet Union while the Iraq National XI went to play in Europe. The players were selected from the Iraqi Championships with players from champions Amana Sports Club, Al-Shurta, Al-Maslaha, Al-Minaa, Sikak Al-Hadeed, Sharakat Nafat Al-Kirkuk, and armys teams Al-Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya, Kuliya Al-Askariya, and Fareeka Al-Thalatha and Al-Thaniya of Kirkuk.

Date       Venua     Opponents                            Result
03.07.1959 Sofia     FK Etar Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria)     1-2
07.07.1959 Sofia     Sofia U-21 (Bulgaria)                 1-3
00.07.1959 Bacau     Dinamo Bacau (Romania)                1-5
16.07.1959 Timisoara Stiinta Timisoara (Romania)           2-5
18.07.1959 Budapest  Budapesti Vasutas (Hungary)           3-3
22.07.1959 Budapest  Erzsébet-Soroksár (Hungary)           2-1
28.07.1959 Vienna    Austria U-21 (Austria)                2-2
30.07.1959 Vienna    USSR U-21 (USSR)                      1-2
06.08.1959 Praha     Tankthoura (??) (Czechoslovakia)      1-2
09.08.1959 Praha     FK Dukla Praha (Czechoslovakia)       0-6
11.08.1959 Praha     TJ Tesla Pardubice (Czechoslovakia)   1-0
13.08.1959 Dresden   SC Einheit Dresden (GDR East Germany) 1-10
16.08.1959 Halle     SC Chemie Halle (GDR East Germany)    3-2

NB: all results from perspective 'Montakhab Al-Ahly'

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